Saturday, September 1, 2007

"Wuv....twue wuv" (Love...true love)

So, my daughter is obsessed with marriage. Apparently my husband and I must make it seem like a pretty exciting venture or maybe it's all those Disney movies her grandmas have bought her. We had a picture of the Mt. Timp temple on the wall (I say "had" because we just moved) and she would point to it and say, "Someday I will get married there when I'm older."

She knows a couple of boys who are her good friends and she really enjoys their company. But apparently none of them have taken her interest nearly as much as her very own, dear, old DAD! I'm sure this is a pretty common theme with little girls who have great fathers. It's still pretty funny to me. Some of our recent conversations have gone like this:

Ryanna: "When I get older I'm going to get married. I'm going to marry my dad."

Derek: "Ryanna, you can't marry me. I'm already married to your mom."

Ryanna: "Well, what about Owen then. Can I marry him?"

Me: "Ryanna, when you grow up and are older, you can get married to some man who is in love with you and can marry you in the temple."

Ryanna: "Well, can I have a fancy cake and flowers then?"

I do not know how she started recognizing the need for a fancy cake and flowers except once again from those dang Disney movies.

Me: "Yes, if you get married in the temple, you can have a cake and flowers."
She even likes to sing, that's right--sing "I'm going to marry my dad! I'm going to marry my dad." I don't know the melody, but she thinks it's hilarious.

The other day she asked me where my wedding dress was. I told her that it was at my grandma's house. Then she asked me if she could wear it at her wedding. Seriously, she's a bit obsessed.

The last little conversation I'll share with you happened at lunch today. I fed her some Spaghetti-o's which had letter shapes. She was telling me all the various letters before she would eat them. She was very excited to find an R since her name begins with that letter. Then she found a P and we had this conversation:

Ryanna: "Look mom! A P. I have a P in my name!"

Me: "Yep."

Ryanna: "When you were a little girl, did you have a P in your name?" This is another common theme, discussing me as a child. Maybe she'll be a psychologist.

Me: "No, I didn't have a P in my name when I was little."

Ryanna: "Mom, you are so silly. You had a P in your name when you were little. Petersen has a P!"

Me: "When I was little my name was Audrey Roy, I didn't have a P in my name."

Ryanna: "Audrey Roy? That's silly, your name is Petersen."

Me: "No, my last name changed to Petersen when I married your dad. Some day your last name won't be Petersen, it'll be something else when you get married."

Ryanna: "What will it be then?"

Note: She has asked me numerous times what her future husband's name is, like I know, but won't tell her. I always assure her I don't know who he is, but he'll be wonderful.

Me: "I don't know what it'll be."

Ryanna pondered this for a minute and then with great gusto she said, " I think it should be Rock and Roll!"

So, one day twenty years from now, I may have to introduce my daughter as Ryanna Rock and Roll. Who knew?

I thought this picture, from Halloween three years ago was appropriate. Between me and Disney movies, we've created a wedding obsessive, rock and roll loving star!


Lara said...

Hee hee! She is too funny!

My girls have always been obsessed with weddings and princesses and all of that. They have both been sorely disappointed when they hear that they can't marry their daddy.

And when I was pregnant with Sophia, Bria was dead set on the name "Rock Star" if she was a girl.

Jen said...

you and derek DO make marriage look quite blissful, i can see what Ryanna would want to do that too:) really, i wonder if it is a phenomena with girls or what...we'll have to wait and see on avery. although, i think i've said how my nephew wanted to marry his mom when he grew maybe it's just when kids learn about marriage and understand that people who love each other get married...and they love their parents...interesting...i'm sure there's a study out there i could read about this. the question is will i go find it? at this point, no.:) anyway, i hope y'all are getting settled in your house well and feeling more and more at home everyday. we, of course, miss you like crazy here at the houses-with-no-carpet-bad-AC-crickets-in-my-bathroom-campus housing:) i love to read your blog. that pic. of ryanna is priceless!

Kjirsti said...

That was hilarious! Ryanna is such a doll. I love reading your blog- I even put it on the "blogroll" of our blog- that way I have easy access! Take care-

Heather said...

Yes I'm an official blogger now! Yea! I have no clue what I'm doing, but its fun. Anyway you need to start telling Ryanna..Brody! They would be perfect. :P

Heather said...

Yes I'm an official blogger now! Yea! I have no clue what I'm doing, but its fun. Anyway you need to start telling Ryanna..Brody! They would be perfect. :P

Crazymamaof6 said...

joy was talking about flower girls today. why i don't know , and i said "we don't have flower girls we get married in the temple", and she told me "well, i am not getting married in the temple! i am going to have a flower girl!" and i told her the only thrill about being or having a flower girl is the dress and she wears that kind of dress every Sunday. yeah she is a nut, and obsessed with weddings too. love how Ryanna asks about the name issue. they start so young with this.

Zim Family said...

Ryanna is so stinking cute!! I never wanted to marry my dad. I never even thought about weddings. I wonder what that says about my childhood. And in the end, I did marry my dad, in the form of Allen. I probably need therapy.

Jack and Annie said...

I agree with your friend and Derek do make marriage look easy! ;) The comment about Ryanna wanting to wear your wedding dress...I wore my mom's so it could happen! (there is a LONG story to tell about that but hopefully when it comes down to Ryanna's turn you wont have the same problem I did!) I agree with your Disney comments though. I believe Disney gave me unrealisitic expecations about love...hmm could I sue if I am unhappy in my marriage? JK!

brooke said...

How funny. She totally has Rock Star qualities. I have heard her singing some Fergie, I believe it was!

So is there something wrong with me if I never fantasized about weddings growing up?

Kelli said...

That makes me laugh about Ryanna. Anika and I have the same exact conversations!! Exact!!! At first she wanted to marry Jarom and then when I told her he was taken she wanted to marry Bo. Unfortunately or fortuately that will never happen so her new kick is Zach!! She also runs around singing songs about how she is going to get married. The only time I get called a rock and roll star (they must being watching the same cartoons to know that phrase) though is when I make something excellent for dinner. Sounds like we will both have to take out massive loans for the girls weddings if they have it how they want it!