Thursday, September 6, 2007

the BIG five

Another we go:

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Starting my second year at BYU.
2. Still dating my boyfriend from high school (not my husband).
3. Living with three of my freshman year roommates.
4. Playing racquetball on a regular basis.
5. Realizing that I have to take Spanish classes even though I survived a calculus class at BYU.

Five things on my to-do list today:
(I wish I only had five things on the list, that would be nice and unintimidating!)
1. Take Ryanna to her first day of pre-school.
2. Mail two books I sold on amazon.
3. Deposit two checks into my bank account.
4. Do a reading lesson and violin lesson with Ryanna (the former was accomplished, the later not).
5. Unpack the office.

Five snacks I enjoy:
Finally an area I enjoy discussing!
1. Cinnabon cinnamon rolls
2. Peanut butter and chocolate icecream from Baskin Robbins
3. Chocolate Chip cookies
4. Rollos, peanut butter Twix, Hershey's smores, candybars, Take 5 candybars
5. Caramel covered apples--call me a health nut for this one!
6. Jamba Juice (like I only have five! or even only 6 for that matter)

Five Songs I Know the Lyrics to:
1. Summertime--DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
2. Bless the Broken Road--Rascal Flatts (love this song!!!)
3. Dancing Queen--ABBA
4. I Want You (Better known as the Chic-a-Cherry Cola song)--Savage Garden
5. Livin' on a Prayer--Bon Jovi
I'm trying to pick a random sample here. I like lots of different music.

Five Things I Would do if I was a Millionaire:
1. Pay off my mortgage.
2. Talk to an amazing financial planer and get set for life.
3. Pay a lot of tithing.
4. Live very similarly to how I live now, so my kids wouldn't be spoiled brats.
5. Travel!!!!

Five Bad Habits:
1. Snacking late at night.
2. Eating when I'm bored.
3. Being impatient with my kids.
4. Being too judgmental.
5. Worrying too much.
Wouldn't it be funny if I revealed something that really shocked you here like, stealing? I thought about putting it down, but chickened out. By the way, I don't really steal.

Five Things I'd Never Wear Again:
1. A wedding dress--only saying this because I don't want to have to wear one, meaning I want my marriage to last!
2. Pegged pants
3. Pants that reach my real waist (have any of you seen that SNL called Mom Jeans? Too funny!)
4. jelly shoes (my feet sweat enough without enclosing them in plastic coffins)
5. almost all of the "fun" earrings I bought when I was a pre-teen

Five Things I Like to do:
1. Blog/Read friends' blogs
2. Plan get togethers with friends
3. Genealogy
4. Read
5. Try new recipes

Five Favorite Toys:
1. My computer/internet
2. My digital camera
3. My Kitchen Aid Mixer
4. Caller ID
5. The remote to the TV

Five People I Tag:
1. Kjirsti
2. Tami Nelson
3. Brooke M.
4. Shelly G.
5. Adrienne W.


Kjirsti said...

Tagged?! What does that mean? I'm it?!

wackywilsons said...

I loved this tag...especially for all of the pictures that went along with it...I am not sure how the tagging world goes, but you are doing a great job of telling us fun things!

I can relate on those pegged pants and for sure the chocolate lover stuff....

Still waiting for specs on your house!

Heather said...

I loved the pic of the Mom jeans!! Hysterical.

wackywilsons said...

So...when I am tagged, does that mean that I answer your same questions?? In the same order???

Michael Mortensen said...

How can you say "survived" calculus? Calculus is the greatest invention of all time! Am I serious or sarcastic? I don't know!