Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Always paying attention

The other day Derek was entertaining Ryanna by playing with her MagnaDoodle. It's one of those magnetic boards that you can draw on with the little, attached pencil (a little like an Etch-a-sketch?). So, after a while of drawing, she says to Derek, "Let's play a little game." Derek agreed and Ryanna outlined the rules of the game, "Dad, you're going to draw whatever thing you think is my favorite thing and I have to guess what it is. Then, I'll draw your favorite thing." She had Derek go first.

I have to admit, if she posed this game to me, I'd probably draw her dolls or maybe some chocolate or ice cream or something. Derek drew a horse I believe. She guessed and he handed over the pencil to her.

Now, what do you think she drew? You'll never guess this one. She drew a picture of me! She said, "I know mom is your favorite thing dad." I can hear you all saying, "ahhhhh," just like I did.

And all I can hope is that she would draw Derek for me and not a piece of chocolate...


Crazymamaof6 said...

that is pretty fabulous! ahhhh! our dad would need a computer drawn for him and mine would be a shopping bag! I'll have to try this with my kiddos!and see what they really think.

Tina said...

That's really sweet. I wonder what Seth would say was my and Jon's favorite things.

Lolly said...

So cute! It is so important for your kids to know how important and solid thier parents relationship is. I wonder if Chris and I can fake it enough . . j/k

JenW said...

that is so cool. i'm telling you, you guys should be the poster-children for good marriages...if ryanna is any indication, you guys rock (although i already knew that!)

Lara said...

Awwwwwhhh is right.

Very observant.

Speaking of you and chocolate, I saw a sign in my friend's house the other day and I thought of you. Yes you. You were the first person (and only) to pop into my head.

It said:

Wheat for Man

D&C 88:7 (or whatever verse says it.)

Chocolate for Woman

M&M 24:7

You need that sign in your house. :)

Kjirsti said...

Wow! You have raise one beautiful girl. I miss Ryanna. Thanks for the post on international chocolate day. I missed it, but we always celebrate birthday's late- so why not "International Chocolate day!"

mary said...

What a wonderful thing that love is expressed between a husband and wife enough in their home that a child would notice so acutely. You Petersens never cease to amaze me!