Thursday, August 30, 2007

Home Sweet Disaster

Yesterday we officially moved everything out of our old house and into our new house. Well, we actually had a lot of help. We had about 10 people help us transfer the boxes onto the truck and about 9 different people help us unpack them. We have some wondeful friends. Not to mention my friend Alacey who watched my two kids, so I could be involved.

You know how it that everything is out of our old place, we had to scrub and clean it like crazy to get our deposit back. Today another friend, Melissa, watched my kids so that I could clean dirt, hair, grease, crusty old food and who knows what else off of every surface of our home. The Arizona sun is so intense that my white blinds that were not in direct contact with the sun are still white, while the portion of the blinds that was exposed to the sun is actually more of a yellowy color. Are they cheap blinds? Of course, nothing but quality for renters.

While cleaning, I sliced two different fingers open and blood started gushing everywhere. Of course there is no band-aid in the house because those are all at our new home. I also think that I am officially too old to be on my knees scrubbing tile for extended periods of time. Ouch! The best part though, or as Mastercard would say, the "priceless" part was being able to clean with Derek.

Most people think that Derek is a pretty grounded, serious guy. I admit that I didn't even know he had a goofy side until after we were married. (We didn't date for very long, I'll blog more on that after I get moved in.) His family were all shocked that I didn't realize he could be goofy, but most people don't see his crazy side. Well, let me tell you that the entire time he cleaned, he was singing songs. I usually get one song in my head and it annoys me all day. Typically that song is, "Robin Hood and Little John running through the forest. Catching...." from Disney's Robin Hood which is rather strange since we don't own the video. I think Derek whistles the tune all the time and then I'm stuck with it. But today, he was all across the board with his music selection. If I would've had our digital camera, I would've taken video, but guess where it was? That's right! Our new house. So, here's a sampling of what I heard:

"Oh I guess it would be nice, if I could touch your body, I know not everybody, has got a body like you." He was not singing this to me people. We were cleaning!

"Too hot to handle, too cold to hold. They call the Ghostbusters. Got it in control." My husband always says that I used to listen to a lot of "booty music" as he calls it. This is about as "booty music" as he gets.

"76 Trombones lead the big parade!" This is from growing up in a house where they listen almost exclusively to musicals.

"A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief..." I'm telling you, there is no radio station that can switch musical genres like this man's mind.

There was a lot more, but my mind is about fried at this point. Tomorrow we begin unpacking this mess you see pictured. Wish me luck!


Jen said...

i don't think i knew about derek's goofiness...that sounds like something kendall would do as well. funny how people don't know certain sides of your spouse or yourself until they've been cleaning a house with you, or something like that:) you are quite sinister in your peer pressure by the way, you know that's the only reason i started my blog...;) but really, i wish you guys good luck getting everything moved in, and i wish i could help and i would love to come and help you house-warm whenever you feel you are ready to do so. you guys are great.

Kjirsti said...

I love it! Derek's the greatest. Good luck with the house. In many ways I love moving because it gives you the opportunity to start a fresh. To organize everything you never got the chance to before, and to have everything just how you like it! Enjoy-

Lacey said...

Glad everything got moved in okay. I miss you already!

Lara said...

Derek and Joel should get together...Joel's mind does that, and he does have a plethora of music to choose from. At least Derek could still actually clean and sing at the same time...Joel's hands automatically come up, and he starts conducting himself and can't get a thing done.

Congrats on your new home and the first big task of getting the boxes there. I hate moving. The end. Good luck unpacking...I'd be there to help if I were closer. :)

Tina said...

I'm so happy for you! I, too, wish I could be there to help and see your new home.
I'm glad to know I'm not alone in the "I have a goofy husband" club. Jon not only sings all the time, he makes up words to tunes we already know and the kids are catching on...

Crazymamaof6 said...

yay! congrats on the moving! and cleaning fun with your hubby with out kids. i had my kids all there with me while we cleaned, it wasn't real smart but we got a whopping $19 back of our deposit.
i was just happy to not pay!
fun songs!~ love musicals and i make up dumb songs .

wackywilsons said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOGS!!!WE just all wish that we could write as well as you can, and express yourself so clearly. I loved your addiction blog, thus the reason why any of us even do the blog thing!

I want details on your house for sure...location, sq feet, rooms, price, everything!

Congrats! Much better than our place in Provo!

Melissa said...

When's the party? I'm ready to come and BBQ!

Heather said...

Hey Audrey! Derek pointed me to your blog yesterday and I have been poking around on it a little bit! You crack me up sister!

And I think it is so funny that not many people know Derek's goofy side. I can hardly take the guy seriously! No, I guess I don't know adult Derek, father of two side very well. But I think you both are so great and I wish we lived closer so we could do things together! I miss those days.. Remember the time I had you guys over for tacos and my roommate Jenny from Montrose came in the room?? such a small world.

anyway, I will definitely be checking out your blog now that I know where it is. Your kids are adorable and good luck with the move! I am glad you guys are doing so well.

I also liked your addiction post a lot. I too am totally addicted to chocolate. speaking of Chocolate, it's after 1 p.m. and I haven't had any yet.. that's strange.. I guess I got distracted with this other addiction of blogging/emailing. :)

okay, this is too long! talk to you soon.

Jack and Annie said...

That is too funny! He has a great range of musical selections He can be my radio anytime! LOL!