Sunday, September 23, 2007

Food, Glorious, Food!

I don't know how many of you are aware of my constant food battle with my daughter. She started off life being such a great's been downhill from there.

Seriously, she is very much like me in that she is always wanting to eat chocolate or any other type of treat, but when it comes down to eating food of real substance, it's honestly used to be almost a daily battle at our house until my the doctor gave me some good advice.
A couple of years ago my pediatrician told me to not make it a fight. He said, "If she says she doesn't want to eat, tell her that's fine and let her get down, but let her know that when she comes to you and says she's hungry, she's going to have to eat the food she didn't finish." Well, I implemented that rule on and off for a while. It actually does work. At least I thought it did anyway. It's worked up until yesterday/today.
The deal with Ryanna is that she's got no allegiance. She loves bananas one day and won't touch them the next day. I will make a meal such as roast and she'll eat it up and tell me how great it is. The next time I make it, she turns her nose up at it and won't even try it! It's not as thought I'm forcing all these exotic dishes down her throat, she can't make up her mind what she really likes.
She's been on this kick for several months now where she hates cheese. She loves bean burritos and when I say bean burritos, I mean just that--beans and a tortilla. No cheese thank you. The funny thing was that during this whole cheese hating phase, she's always continued to eat pizza. For some reason, she didn't realize that pizza is covered in cheese.
So, yesterday afternoon I made this pasta dish that has cream, peas, bacon and tortellini. Ryanna has eaten this several times with no problem. We gathered around the table to eat yesterday and Ryanna refused to eat any of it because it was "too much" for her to eat. Not that she didn't like the flavor or texture, it was just too much food. Okay, whatever. We let her get down and then at dinner we offered it to her again. She didn't want it and wouldn't eat it. She wanted to only eat toast (I have to say she is pretty faithful to toast, but only with butter, don't put jam or jelly on it or she won't touch it). Well, we didn't allow her to have any other option, so she didn't eat any dinner either.
Now, it's Sunday morning just before 7 am and I am nursing Owen when Ryanna comes into our room, flops herself on our bed and starts making vomit noises. Derek grabs her and runs her to the toilet. After this little episode, he goes to her bedroom to discover that she's thrown up all over her bed.

Before you all start thinking, "oh, she has the flu, poor girl, I bet her mom feels guilty," don't start. She doesn't have the flu. She threw up because she made herself sick from being hungry. I did cave in and give her a piece of toast with pedialyte to drink for breakfast.

Now, we just tried to eat lunch as a family and guess what I served Ryanna again? Guess what...she's still holding out. If I wasn't so irritated at her, I might have to admire her determination.


Tina said...

Wow Audrey, what a power struggle! As you know, we have had the same problem with Seth pretty much his whole life also. Although lately, he has really come around and been brave enough to try new foods and actually eat what's given him for dinner. I'm not exacly sure what we've done differently but I tell you this to give you hope. Good luck.

Lara said...

Wondering after reading Tina's comment if it's just kids born in 2003? It's the year of the sheep...I guess they like to butt heads or something. :)

Obviously Chloe deals with this. I thought she was the most stubborn child on the planet, but it sounds like Ryanna might just be right up there with her. :)

brooke said...

Isaac has the same problem. I have just given up fighting with him. He is such a picky eater, and am jealous of the moms that have kids who eat REAL FOOD!

So yesterday Isaac finally tasted scrambled eggs (something he loved as a baby, but has refused to try in over a year), he ate a whole egg, today won't touch them.

He will normally eat toast, chicken nuggets (from chick-fil-et), crackers, sometimes cheese, sometimes cereal, and sometimes pancakes, but that's about it.

I was thrilled the other day when he ate a hot dog, and took a couple bites of mac n cheese. We called dad at work and grandma to celebrate. I was just so excited, that's how frustrated I have been.

Isaac throws up any time anything touches his lips he doesn't like. He also has hypoglycemia and will throw up from not eating food.

I guess the only thing that keeps me from losing my mind sometimes is this thought: This is Isaac's way to assert his independence. If I just ignore him and let him do his thing, he tends to do a lot better.

But it's hard to ignore. Because I hate cleaning throw up so much. . . Tonight he had a couple bites of a cheese crisp, and I want him to eat something before bed so we don't have the whole drama thing in the morning. . . he is refusing. I guess it's time to ignore him, but really easier said than done!

Sorry this is getting so long. I don't have advice, but you are not alone. Our kids sound like twins!

Lacey said...

Ugh! I'll count my blessings!

Melissa said...

Isn't it funny how all kids have their own issues? Jacob will eat everything and anything I put in front of him, but we are dealing with separation issues!

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow dang! i have one of those kids too and it is lame . i don't generally care but it is a big issue for lance. that is because i had major food picky-ness issues as a kid and really still and he never did. so i think don't make her eat it. and he fights her everyday about it. she'll outgrow it someday. i did, for the most part. AND discovered why i hated cheese as a kid. Lactose intolerance. who knew? good luck! and hope she gets over it soon.

Ryan & Rischel said...

I had to laugh at the "sweet" food pyramid. (only becuase that is totally my diet). Sorry about the eating thing with Ryanna. Keep it up!!She'll catch on one of these days.

Cuddlydoll said...

Wow! Good luck. I wish I had advice for you but I don't. May the force be with you.


JenW said...

good luck sister! like melissa said, we all have our own issues huh? too bad ryanna's is food...i love food:) keep up your determination as well!