Monday, August 27, 2007

What addiction?

Okay, so my husband likes to notice my quirky issues, at least they are quirky to him. I think he's got his own set of quirks himself, but he seems to feel completely justified in those issues, so we won't discuss them.

Anyway, I do realize my personality tends to lend itself to addictive behavior such as chocolate and well, sweets and sugar in general. If any of you know me very well, you will realize that I have a serious sweet tooth for the usual ice cream, chocolate, homemade desserts (usually containing chocolate), etc. My addictions usually involve only food thanks to some serious medications I'm taking--that's a joke and if any of you believed that for one second, I would ask you to no longer read my blog because what if I really am taking medications and you were sitting there judging me? Now we have a problem. Back to the issue at hand.

You know those little dessert pie things that you can buy? They've been around since I was a kid, but I don't know their exact name, anyway, I've never tried one of them. This is not because I haven't had the chance. I have intentionally avoided them because I recognize that they are a dessert and I have a dessert addiction and if I try one, I may like it. If I like it, I may start being tempted to buy it and eat it. It's a bit like sin, I'm avoiding it at all costs. I did this for years with Snickers bars too. I think I gave in one night when I had to have something chocolatey and it was the only option in the house due to someone else...not sure who...eating all the other chocolatey options.

I really do think that there's something dangerously addictive to this blogging thing. Why? Because I refuse to subscribe to any of my friends' blogs because I want to be excited to visit each and every one of your sites each day to see if by chance you've posted something new. I realize that I could receive some sort of email update, but where's the fun in that? I want to let you know I care and feed my addiction simultaneously by visiting your sites on a daily, sometimes multi-daily basis.

I find myself now going about my day thinking, "How would I write about this in a blog?" "Could I possibly take a picture of this and post it with my blog thoughts?" "How many comments would it draw?" "What creative title could I tag with it?" "Do you think someone I don't even know has found my blog and is going to comment today?" "Where would she live?" (I chose the feminine pronoun here because my husband swears my blog is a...what did he call it? "estrogen fest" or something like that.)

As you know from the previous post, we just bought a house and needed to turn on the utilities and I was left to decide if we could or could not afford internet. Well, everyone knows you don't let addicts make decisions for themselves. They're never going to choose the best option, only the most self-interested option. My husband may not know of my addiction yet, well, until he reads this blog entry because like any good addict, I'm hiding it well.


Lara said...

Yeah, after 3 years of free internet and free cable we had to make a decision. I think you know which one we decided to get rid of. :) I'm definitely more addicted to the internet than I'd ever be to a TV show. At least, I think I am.

Tina said...

Yes, that was one of the best things about campus housing....well maybe the only good internet and cable. Like Lara, we are now cable-free because who can live without the internet? (Can you see I share your addiction?)

Cuddlydoll said...

We also don't have cable but we don't have internet either. The justification was that we both sit at a computer all day and have a little free time to do what we need on-line. That hasn't actually worked out as well as we thought. Luckily (or not) we pick up our neighbors wireless network. The benefits of a very small yard. Subsequently all last weekend Scott was working on me to breakdown and get internet. I may agree on the internet but I have a really hard time getting cable. Why pay money for something I always want to turn off?

Crazymamaof6 said...

we pirated our internet for the first few weeks on our wireless card. which was pretty great. but we bit the bullet and got the cable and internet and phone package.
so glad you are addicted to blogging, now you just have to start commenting! u had no idea you were viewing mine (if you are) and yes you are officially addicted to blogging! when you think of all the things you can and would post. i have to say Lance is very supportive of my habit with this since it is essentially free and makes me so happy!

jwilson said...

addictive personality huh? i wouldn't know what that's like at all (dripping with sarcasm here:)) i love food. it is so wonderful. will we eat in heaven...i mean i know we probably won't have to but i don't know if i could do without cookies...maybe that's the point...hmmmmm....something to think about:) i believe we've discussed with tina and alacey how we check our emails about a million times a day...i'm glad i'm not the only one!

MSGottfredson said...

I am excited you are buying a house! I love our home and that we have a lawn mower. Sounds silly, but I finally feel "official"

Ryan & Rischel said...

How is the cold sore situation. I am a little curious?

Melissa said...

Of course I love your blog! You are my inspiration. You'll have to show me how you do some of this cute stuff, because i'm a little lost!

Melissa said...

Of course I love your blog! You are my inspiration! You'll have to help me make mine cute. I'm a little clueless!

Melissa said...

Can you tell I have no idea what i'm doing? I just posted the same comment twice because I thought it didn't work the first time! Help!

Chris said...

Lolly and I just got back from a trip back East, and my camera was never far from my side... after all, you never know when you might catch a great photo opp that you could place on the blog. Just wait until you discover video, that will only increase the addiciton.

brooke said...

Funny story: I totally read this article about people "addicted" to blogging. True addictions. Some would be late to work regularly, one man hadn't missed one day of blogging in three years. They would call it "dedication" "habits, rather than obsessions" Kind of crazy!

I tend to have a somewhat obsessive personality. For instance I wake up every morning check my e-mail, bank account and then check my blog to see if there are any new comments, check my friends blogs to see if anything new is written.

Try this test:

I am 50% addicted to blogging :)

Zim Family said...

Hey Audrey-
First off, of course I remember you. You were there when Allen and I first held hands in Phil's basement. That was a momentous occasion. How could I ever forget you!?! Plus I remember a game night at your place, and we gave you our nasty entertainment center, which I still apologize for. Allen was suppose to send out a link to the blog months ago, but obviously he failed. I will gladly beat him up for that.
I love your blog!! You are so entertaining. You are officially on my reader so I will never miss a post!!
Good luck with your move!!!! Your house is beautiful! I am so ready for a house (if for no other reason than I can yell at Ryder for climbing into Linley's crib and sitting on her head while she is napping) without thinking someone is going to call CPS on me...its been a rough afternoon, can you tell??)

Jack and Annie said...

Ha ha! I also visit my friend's blogs each and every day to see if they have posted something new!

As far as the internet is concerned we tried to see if we could go without for a few months or so till jack get's a paycheck...needless to say we are getting it installed on tuesday...I can't stand being without it. I go crazy on it at work..hopefuly no one at work reads that...wasting away the tax payers $$!

With regard to cable...let's just say Jack is very grateful that you guys are getting cable and he may be over at your house quite often to watch history channel...and the games!

Kjirsti said...

Okay speaking of chocolate. Two Sundays ago, Tom and I decided to make Chocolate cookies. We ate a big lunch at around 3:00 and sort of non verbally agreed that dinner was unnecessary, but cookies- why not! I had found a new recipe I really liked and we wanted to try them with chocolate. Tom wanted LOTS of chocolate. So basically these were nuggets of chocolate held together by a very small amount of dough. We ate them for supper. We ate a LOT of them for supper. I guess because our stomachs were empty our bodies readily accepted them, however that night- neither of us slept. I didn't realize it until I turned over at about 4:00 in the morning and Tom was starring back at me. I have never experienced that kind of Caffeination!