Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just settled down for a long night's CHAT?

One of my favorite things to do is to eat out. I absolutely love it. We usually only do it once a week to be frugal and it's probably better for my figure that way anyway, but it's still one of my favorite things. Now, what goes better with good food than good conversation? I'm not talking about my typical dinner conversation which usually goes like this:

Me: "Ryanna, please eat. If you're not going to eat your food when we go out, I'm going to have you eat before we leave home. Owen, please stop screaming. Derek, please help me deal with the kids."

Ryanna: "Mom, I need to go to the bathroom."

Me: "What? I asked you to go before we left the house." At this point my food is barely warm enough to eat anyway.

Derek: "Owen, stop throwing food all over the floor."

It goes on like this ad nauseum when it's a family night on the town. However, when it's just me and Derek, I love to chat. I get really excited about having an uniterrupted conversation. Any of you with children old enough to speak are shaking your heads in understanding here. So, why is it that when we go to eat, sometimes I'm left with nothing to say? I don't know, I can't quite figure it out sometimes, but I did discover the best place to create a longer conversation than you'll ever want to have--your bed.
Seriously, can any of you relate to this? Derek and I crawled into bed last night sometime before 10 pm and we didn't go to sleep until about midnight. For some reason, we get really philosophical as well as goal oriented when everything else in the house is silent.
Why does this happen? Why can't these amazing conversations happen at restaurants? What is it about the time right before I drift off to sleep that I start to remember all of these random stories and ideas I couldn't recall until then?


Dori said...

seriously. I love bedtime. Good freaking luck to all the marriages who let the kids sleep in between (every once in awhile is okay, if they are sick, but sheesh!) I AM on your same reading list!!! weird! Obsessed with Twilight series, yes, Ben is currently making me vampire teeth (for halloween, I am gathering a coven), Haven't read Chiam Potok for awhile, but LOVED the Kite Runner, and looking forward to a thousand splendid suns. Any more recommendations? xoxoxo Dori

Crazymamaof6 said...

ok love your blog, and yes we get into the chatting late at night and i think so much for an early night! and the dinner alone conversations always turn into not fun conversations for us. like the budget, or lack thereof, what i don't do and how i should do it. and your kids looks so cute in your picture at the top! they are getting so big!

Lacey said...

This was me and Chris last night..except we didn't crawl into bed until close to midnight and I was chatting away 'till 1am or so...Christopher had his back to me going "Mmm"...."Mmm"...more like "Hint!"..."Hint!"

MSGottfredson said...

I am so glad you have a blog! I have been waiting for it! Your children are darling. I finished Twilight and had the same feelings . . . hope the next one is better and hopefully it ENDS!

Jack and Annie said...
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Jack and Annie said...

HA HA HA Audrey your blog is awesome.. I am not nearly as articulate or as witty...kudos to you. We also do the late night chat thing....:)

brooke said...

I am with Lacey. I like to talk, sometimes Michael will humor me, others he will just mumble back, while other times he is asleep before I can pull the covers up!

Lara said...

Totally blank out at restaurants. I've always attributed it to my ADD and not being able to filter out the background noise so it's too hard to hold more than the most shallow of conversations.

And, since it's so quiet when we go to bed, we definitely have our best talks then.