Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sea World & Mission Beach

Before I let eveyone view me in my cold sore grossness, I thought I should post some pics from our recent vacation to Sea World, San Diego. It was so fun to go to Sea World again. They are running a two for one special on admission meaning that we bought two visits for the price of one. So, we need to go back to San Diego sometime before December 26, 2007. I have to say that Sea World is impressive in their technology. They scan your fingerprint and link it to your ticket, so you can't give it to anyone else. Of course, if you've ever seen Gattaca, you know this technology isn't fail proof!
This was our first night of arrival, that's why no one is in their suits.

This picture could've been so much better if my shadow wasn't involved!

Derek was certain Owen would eat the sand, but he just let it run through his fingers in amazement. Although he did throw some of it on his head for good measure.

Ryanna was so excited to take a picture with this penguin.

You can pet the dolphins now. I haven't been to Sea World since I was about six I think. This was news to me. I did get to swim with a dolphin when I went to Florida with my family, so I knew what they felt like, but Derek was so excited. Ryanna wouldn't even touch them.

Did I mention she wouldn't pet the dolphins but she reached right in to pet the sting rays. What? I think dolphins look a bit more friendly myself, but whatever...

Owen is always so happy to be a part of the crowd and on the go!

We tried desperately to get Ryanna soaked by sitting in the notorious "Soak Zone" at several shows, but to no avail until the final show of the night Shamu Rocks where we all got a little bit of a splash.

The pond with the star fish and sea cucumbers was by far Ryanna's favorite attraction. We went back three times to hold the starfish. Notice my face doesn't even look burned and the day is more than halfway over!

It looks as though Owen is standing at the brink of some edge, but he's really leaning against heavy aquarium glass. Notice my neck and face are showing signs of the impending burn. Look out lips!


Lacey said...

Thanks for the pictures..was wondering when you were going to post them! Poor girl..sorry you got so burnt!

brooke said...

Speaking of cute kids. . .YOURS are so cute!

I can't believe how big Owen has gotten, and Ryanna is gorgeous as always! Looks like you guys had fun, minus the burning, and well we won't talk about your lips right now :)

Kjirsti said...

I can't believe how blonde Owen has got. He is such a doll. So sorry about the burn. I crisped myself pretty well in Hawaii- it's still peeling.