Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Total Eclipse of the Heart...or NOT

So, I just finished reading Stephenie Meyer's latest installment of her vampire series. Two of my closest friends are a bit obsessed with this series and they chose it for our book this month and I read the other two books, so I felt a bit obligated to get it done. That being said, it was not my favorite of the three. Several reasons why:
1. Could Bella be any more immature as she gets older??? I think her immaturity and confusion increases with her age. I think I have heard her state at least 5 billion times how much she loves Edward and would rather die than live without him and then she goes ahead and makes out with her friend Jacob and convinces herself she's in love with him too.
2. Stephenie Meyer likes to pride herself on the idea that her books are great for young adults because they are so morally clean. Why then does she have her main character's boyfriend stay in her room where she sleeps every night? Why did she think it was a good idea to have Bella and Edward arrange a night where they would stay at Edward's house completely alone--with Bella going with the express intention of getting her way with her man if you know what I mean!
3. I'm sorry but there is no man on this planet, vampire or not, that is going to go for his girlfriend or wife having another male be her best friend. Sorry, doesn't work, not now--not ever. How can the author try and even make this work in the story? I think it ruined the book for me that Bella constantly confessed her dying love of Edward while trying to constantly spend every second with Jacob.
4. What exactly is holding Edward and Bella's relationship together at this point? Let's see, the fact that he spends every second guarding her from evil she usually brings on herself and...wait, all those other interests they have in common such as...? Sorry, but physical attraction will only last while you're a teenager, wait! that's what she is, but she's planning on getting married any second! It's spiraling out of control for me!!!!
Okay, there are many other things that bugged me about this book, but I should probably stop ranting now.
I like books with characters that may be flawed, but still draw you in. I want to empathize or loathe or root for characters. For example, I read The Lovely Bones not long ago and that book is chock full of characters that you feel strongly about--the main character, the dad who tries to love everyone the best he can, definitely the mom makes you angry, the grandma who is a drunk, but has the best heart. I want my book to make me see the world in a new light, to be grateful for what I do or don't have. Jodi Picoult novels do that. Her characters are always going through incredible trials, but they are real people you would meet. Her latest book Nineteen Minutes left me thinking, literally, for days. I thought about that book for hours and hours after I read it. I felt guilt, sorrow, anger, vengeful, hopeful, a whole spectrum of emotions.
With Eclipse I simply felt annoyed most of the time. Sorry Stephenie, your latest is my least favorite.


Lara said...

Ahhh...I couldn't read this after the first paragraph because I just barely bought Twilight.

After all the recommendations and three million friends that LOVE this, I decided to finally read it.

But I'm really glad you have a blog. :)

Tina said...

**Spoiler alert! Do not read this comment if you plan on reading and enjoying Eclipse!"***

I felt the same way after reading Eclipse...I was disappointed with it too. I felt like nothing really happened. Yeah sure there was the big killing scene at the end, by otherwise nothing. No marriage, no "change" to vampire...I was disappointed too, Audrey.

Crazymamaof6 said...

spoiler alert*****************
ok it is so interesting to hear your opinion! and i am so glad you have a blog and shared it with me! i have to agree i might raise my brows at my YA reading this but i like it for myself. my sister has some good points like the struggle to stay clean is a real one for some teenagers and it does give them the example that while they may feel compelled to seduce their partners, someone can say no. and that they aren't doing it even though they want to. and then i did have issue with the controlling and secrets and was glad Edward let her make her own decision on seeing Jacob. and then Jacob manipulating her, was lame but it happens in real life. i finished disappointed that nothing happened or was decided and the book seemed unfinished, then i found out there is a number 4 coming out next year. hope fully i will be satisfied by the end.

Crazymamaof6 said...

ok and seriously i hope she wraps this story up as well as JkR wrapped up harry potter! loved how she ended the series with no questions and no speculation! that is how i wish all authors would wrap up all books! and not i want everything to be wrapped up all neat and tidy every time! i will be bent if it doesn't happen for me .

Lacey said...

I agree but sadly still LOVED the book! Hoping book 4 wraps up some questions and Bella gains a little maturity before taking the marriage plunge! I was disappointed that she was never just a little bit excited about a wedding and marrying Edward..I mean isn't that every young girls dream....and to be marrying a rich boy! HELLO! She's crazy!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read this book, but I find it simply inappropriate for a RS book club. Thats all I have to say about that.

brooke said...

I haven't read the books, but plan on it. I am also one of those people who don't mind knowing the end before I start at the beginning. Drives Mike NUTS!