Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why Am I Such a Poor City Girl?

My friend and fabulous hair stylist, Brooke, invited me to go to Schnepf Farms with her today. Since the weather appeared to be cooling off lately, I thought it would be fun. Plus, I think it's good for the kids to get out of the house. Anyway...we went to Fry's to buy the tickets for the Farm because they were "discounted" to $12 per person.

Now, you know how they say that similarities between you and your spouse are like money in the bank? Well, Derek and I have lots of money in the bank in this sense. We both try to be very careful with our cash. We only eat out once a week, we don't go shopping very often, we definitely don't buy big purchase items without thinking about them for so long that we usually talk ourselves out of said item. Dear Reader, do not worry, I'm tying this all together.

So, after getting into this dusty "farm" we decide what we want to do first. Hmmm...should we go pay more money to ride the train that goes around the farm? Maybe we should get ripped off by buying lunch at this place. I don't know, why don't I just get a bull horn and broadcast my credit card number to everyone? I know, I'm forgetting the whole purpose of this trip--to go broke! Wait, I mean to have very expensive fun!

Really though, the train was fun and the food was fine, if overly priced as is most food. But what did the kids enjoy the very most? The little park that was just like all the free parks you see built in track neighborhoods and this gigantic FREE slide oh and let's not forget perhaps the most amazing attraction of all--dirt & rocks!!!

Yes, it's just like when you buy your child some big ticket item for a holiday/birthday and what do they love? The item you found at the last second in the dollar bin at Target. I swear, it happens to us over and over.

Before you start calling me Ebenezer, I want to let you know that I wasn't raised this way. My grandparents are all about buying a huge tub of really buttery popcorn with sodas and candy to boot when we go to the movies. They would never dream of sneaking in items. That's a whole other post I swear--do the movie workers not suspect a single thing when you are bringing in a beach bag to the movies? Okay, I'm getting off track. Anyway, my grandparents were uber generous with every activity, no corners were ever cut.

I think that I've learned this from my husband. It's probably a good thing. Have you met my husband? This is a man who would come home from school, after being gone 12 hours and proclaim how hungry he was. Upon further investigation, I would learn that he didn't have time to eat breakfast and forgot to bring lunch, so he didn't eat all day because he didn't want to waste our money to feed him.

Isn't it crazy how you can change over time? Maybe the difference is that I grew up in a small town and even when I was in high school going to the movies was only $5.50 a person. Can you believe that? I don't know...I had a really fun time. I think the kids had fun...Ryanna said she did. I feel good about my day: $24 to get into the place, $8 to split lunch between the three of us, $4 to ride the train, the parking was free, so was a little carnival type ride that didn't work correctly, the tiny petting zoo and the big slide. I mean, the zoo charges you a fortune too. I guess it's capitalism at work.
I feel good about my day and my sunburn, in fact, it probably wasn't that expensive of a day if you figure how long we were there and that my kids had fun. I'm going to have to say that this was money well spent. (Now you can read how deeply this disorder goes when I have to write an entire blog about it and convince myself of my decision.)


JenW said...

i have the same disorder...kendall has actually helped me feel okay about spending money, because, he says, why do we have it in the first place? yes i say, but perhaps not to spend a dollar on the carousel at the mall that freaks ethan out so he climbs on top of your head every time you go on it. and he wants to do it everytime we are there. although he doesn't...mostly because of the head-climbing...okay i need to write my own post...i get it!

Lacey said...

Ever since we have lived on campus we have wanted to take Elodie to Schnepf farm....I think it's just one of those things you expect to pay for but plan to spend the whole day at and enjoy yourself while your there...then curse yourself when you get home! Just like the zoo! Looks like you guys had fun and you didn't discourage me from still wanting to take Elodie!

Crazymamaof6 said...

we went to Schnepf farm once. the kids liked it fine, the price was a lot to pay for one day since we didn't buy advanced tickets, but my beef was how tired and dirty we were when we got home. filthy. that and the fact i went with my in laws in the first place. if i would have been with my family it would have been fine. the money would have been nothing and I'd have been dying to go again.

Crazymamaof6 said...

well and maybe it was because i was alone with my in-laws and 3 little kids. maybe if my hubby was there i would have liked it more.

glad you went and the kids had fun!
it is definitely something you have to do at least once.

SHERI said...

you crack me up! I tend to be that way too- but I have to be- because I am married to someone who likes to spend the money!

Brittany and Scott said...

scott thinks your little boy is way cute!!! the slide looked like a blast.

MSGottfredson said...

Oh, I think the slide looks scary! Did you actually go on it too? I hate spending money too.

Lara said...

Admission: $24
Lunch: $8
Train Ride: $4
Parking: Free
Kids having a blast: Priceless

I'm so cheap like that. So cheap. My brother in law recently pulled a cheapskate card in a game we were playing and chose me as the recipient, and all were in accord. Sigh. At least Derek is cheap too. Joel has no problem pretending that we are millionaires. :)

Heather said...

We've never been to Schnef Farm..I really don't know why. Probably because we were too cheap! The slide looks pretty freaky. I don't know if I could get Brody to go down it.

Oh and I would LOVE the key lime pie recipe. Please!