Sunday, October 14, 2007

T-shirts in All Their Forms

Last night Derek and I were invited to go to an Arizona State University football game. We were able to get some friends to babysit at the last minute (thanks Chris & Lolly!) and off we went. I didn't know until we got there that our seats would be amazing. By amazing I mean we were on the 50 yard line three rows up. I was telling Derek that lately we have been scoring amazing tickets to games. Now, if only we could find someone who has tickets to the Suns...

I had forgotten how fast, big & athletic the players really are. I had previously only attended BYU football games when I was a student there. Those were such fun games. I sat with my roommates and we had such a great time. We weren't in the student section this time, but the student section was directly next to ours corded off by a long, yellow rope. After being there for only a short while I realized that that rope was probably for my own protection. Those fans are crazy! I think they're mostly crazy because they're drunk. Well, they are college kids trying to impress each other so that comes into play as well.

You'd think that with such amazing seats it would be impossible to be distracted by anything else. Well, you'd be wrong. I am a people watcher. I love to see how people present themselves not just in dress, but in body language and facial expression. I had a really hard time when we were looking at houses when we were deciding where to move because if the house was occupied, all I wanted to do was look at the photos on the wall or try to figure out the person's interests from items in their homes. Honestly, I even looked in their pantries not just to see the size of the pantry, but to see what foods the home owners liked. I know, I'm weird.

So, when I wasn't watching the game and trying very hard to protect my ears from the foul language of the all the fickle "coaches" sitting in the stands, I was being shocked by the way the ASU women present themselves. Now, to be fair, there were some female students there that were dressed very modestly and looked very sweet, but they were in a small minority compared to those girls who were prowling around. These prowlers were wearing ASU T-shirts that they had deconstructed into tube tops, dresses and whatever else they could to barely cover their chests. Seriously, I've never seen such a sight. I did figure out how they do it though:
  1. Buy an ASU T-shirt that is already too small for you if it were left completely alone.
  2. Rip said T-shirt to where you can tie in around your chest exposing most of your clevage.
  3. If you think that style is too "last year" then you can cut slits in the side of the T-shirt causing others to place bets as to how long your shirt will stay together.
  4. If styles mentioned on numbers 2 & 3 are too boring for you or you actually want to try a new avenue, you can buy two shirts and make them into a dress. It won't be flattering, but it will be a dress.
  5. I also forgot to mention that you must bleach your hair blonde and wear a lot of foundation on your face.
  6. You must carry a cell phone with you at all times. If you are not texting on this phone, you must have it stuck to your ear to let everyone know that you're at the game, but you are so popular you could be anywhere with anyone.
  7. You need to walk up and down the stairs or in front of the bleachers where the other ASU students are sitting at least 4 times per quarter. Any less and you might be able to watch the game.

Okay, I'm being really judgmental here. I know, I know. I was a crazy college girl once too, but I couldn't help but think while I was there, "We are going home and teaching Ryanna the BYU fight song. We are going to buy all of her clothing in blue, tan and white. We are going to bring up the idea of BYU at least twice a day and mention how excited we'll be when she goes there." It really scared me to think that women are presenting themselves this way. No wonder the men in our society are turning to hard porn, there's soft porn surrounding them daily.

Even sadder is that these girls are dressing this way to attract attention from guys. I had a group of about eight such guys sitting directly behind me during the first half of the game, so I was able to hear their running commentaries on the above-mentioned women. They did think these females were hot no doubt, but with absolutely no respect for them. They called them very unflattering names. They didn't find these girls interesting for any other reason than their bodies. Besides, what kind of a man are you going to attract when you dress that way?

Ryanna would've talked my ear off if she would've been at the game. We had a family home evening lesson on modesty about two months ago and boy she took it to heart. Whenever we're out she lets me know when she seems a woman immodestly dressed. I hear it from her when I do my exercise videos:

Ryanna: "Mom that lady is not dressed modestly."

Me: "I know, that's not good is it."

Ryanna: "No, she should put some modest clothes on."

Me: "Yes, she should."

Now that I've got that out, I feel a lot better. Oh yeah, ASU stomped Washington.


Kelli said...

Ahhhhh!!! I am the first one to comment, I don't think that has ever happened. I have to admit, if there is one thing about living in Happy Valley..there aren't nearly as many "hoochies" here as there are at ASU. Thank goodness! Although I still have the talk with Anika about what to and what not to wear.

Lara said...

Joel hated only one thing about conducting his orchestra at ASU, and that was that he saw way too many boobs and panties (thongs????). Scary stuff.

Bria used to scream and point out immodestly dressed women in public. I'll never forget one time we were in WalMart and a girl walked by with a skimpy white tube top and an even skimpier white mini skirt. Bria screamed and pointed at her "Mommy! That girl's not modest!!!" I quickly covered her mouth and tried to tell her that some people don't know about modesty and it might hurt her feelings if she heard Bria yell about it. So then she whispers to me, "She matches though." (Another thing we'd been working on.)

Lacey said...

Well, you've crushed my idea of wanting to dress Elodie in an ASU cheerleading uniform with matching bows and take her to a game!!! First Schnepp ASU!! LOL! Just joking Audrey!!

Christopher sais on campus you just walk with your head down! Pretty sad huh?!

Donna H. said...

Good point on modesty!!! I don't care what event a person is attending...if they can't present themselves in a believable manner that's modest then I think they've got a synapse problem. You've only got one chance to make a first impression! I've been to events where the females (not young ladies) have impressed me with the thought of "I'm free, it's free and I'm not sure I'm disease free!" Mothers...please teach your sons and daughters about modesty.

Also, is a great site for staying caught up with Mitt and Ann Romney. If you haven't read any great books about Mitt and really don't know his stand on anything, read the book "A Mormon in the White House" by Hugh Hewitt. It's a excellent read!!! Hugh Hewitt is not LDS but presents a fair few of Mitt Romney and his stand on the issues.

Zim Family said...

Yay for BYU. We really do get it all right, I think. The most fun sober football games with cute girls fully dressed. No other university can claim the same. (oh, don't look at my blog during vacation for an example in modesty...obviously i let that one slide there..bad, bad girl). Seriously though, visiting other campuses only makes me realize how much more I love BYU and what a phenomenal time I had there! Let's all hope our kids will share the same sentiments!

Heather said...

As a female ASU grad, I have to say that it was really felt like a nun walking around campus in your jeans and t-shirt.

I think I've told you this story..but when Marva's husband went to ASU she had to drive down there to buy him a book at the bookstore. She was pretty shocked at the way the girls were dressed everywhere. She was at a stoplight and out of desperation rolled down her window and yelled to a hoochie girl to get some clothes on. Then she sped away feeling much better. LOL.

That being said, luckily whatever college you attend there's an institute with great people to hang out with.

SHERI said...

yeah- I saw a few of those "Shirts"- and the small mini skirts barely covering thier bums!
We had a fun time - it was a great game.

wackywilsons said...

We went to the UTEP game on Sat and I had a few things to think about myself! i did miss being in the college scene, and I reminiced about my band days in high school...but, yes, there definitely were a lot of changes in appearance for those young boppers...

Glad you had a great time!