Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Least Favorite Holiday

I've never looked forward to the actual New Year's Holiday. I think it's because of the let down I've always felt. A little bit like a graduation experience. Somehow, by dressing up in a goofy robe, walking across a stage and being handed a diploma, I should feel different.
It may also have something to do with the idea that I'm staying up really late in anticipation of some change happening. The only thing that seems to happen is with less sleep, I'm a bit grouchier the next day.
Well, hopefully, this year will be a bit different in my recognition of my anticipation issues. I've scaled down my expectations in a big way--nothing is going to be changing with the year advancing. At least nothing is going to change with the striking of the clock. I've also added one resolution to my list this year.
That's right just one.
Perhaps it sounds weak--only one resolution?
Of course I have many more qualities and issues I need to change, but with years past I've found the more changes I attempted to make at one time, the less I actually accomplished. So, just one goal this year and I'm going to try my hardest to make it happen.
This New Year I'm realistic and I'm happy.


Heather said...

Happy New Year to you! I like the idea of just having one resolution and really working at it.

Devin said...

haha. I took the opposite approach. I figured the more resolutions I made the more likely I will be to accidentaly complete one.

Jessica Martiele said...

Not that it's my business, but I'm just wondering what your resolution is? I have a list, so I'm wondering what sort of thing you've decided on with your scaling back? (ie maybe I should pick one and be more reasonable myself...) Happy New Year, Audrey!

Dahly Mama said...

Do tell, Audrey!!! Don't leave us hanging!!

rachel said...

Happy New Year! I am guessing your resolution is to eat at Jamba Juice/or Cafe Rio once a month for your friend who is having withdrawls here in Alaska. The detoxification process catches up with me every now and then:) That jamba it's hard stuff lol!! I hope it's a spectacular year for you guys!

Lauren and Trevor said...

Realistic expectations are a good thing. Good luck accomplishing your resolution.

wackywilsons said...

I just really enjoy how "real" you are. No fake things or fluffy messages, it's really refreshing!

I see you as a happy person already, so I guess your resolution has been met. That was too easy!

JenW said...

such a good resolution because it encompasses other things as well! that's a great one:)