Sunday, January 10, 2010

Friday's Lessons

I learned the following things this Friday. None of which I wanted to learn.

1. Our house is apparently built on a bit of a slope. At least I gathered that from the water running out from under the bathroom door, into the hallway and on its way to the laundry room. But, wait, I forgot my first lesson.

.5 A scream coming from a three year old located in your bathroom is probably not going to end well. Now we're back on track.

2. Though I thought that my three year old would know not to use half a roll of toilet paper in one bathroom session, this information is not intuitive as I supposed.

3. There is a valve located to the left of your toilet that you should immediately turn off when you see water spilling out of the toilet bowl.

4. You may be grateful for several things in your life and these items may change hourly. But, at least once in your life, you're going to be grateful for a plunger.

5. You may also be grateful to own a Hoover WetVac mop.

6. It's not easy to move your washing machine all by yourself (even if it is empty).

7. In your attempt to not immediately harm your child, should you send him upstairs, you will probably learn that the child was traumatized enough to not do as instructed which is to say put on underwear and pants.

8. This naked child will crawl on his bed for comfort.

9. That naked bum will probably not be clean even though half a roll was used in that very cleaning procedure.

10. You will now be washing a comforter from your child's bed.

Lessons learned. Really. All learned. Glad my New Year's resolution wasn't patience!


Lyndsey said...

oh wow, and i have to say that i am glad it happened because it was your child and not mine at your house...but i could have helped move the washer the toilet training moments and the post was funny. sorry what a pain!

Devin said...

Haha oh that's first class.

Sabina said...

I can totally relate! One of the last times Capri flooded the toilet, it leaked through the ceiling down into the basemnet. Hang in there.

Mel said...

Very, very funny, my dear. So sorry it happened to you, but we all can get a good laugh from it!

rachel said...

This happened to us in September and it was unfortunate for us but even more unfortunate for the tenants living underneath us. I tried to recover with some treats. I don't think this helped our relationship at all. These are really great lessons!yay Plungers!

Dahly Mama said...

"Clever! Upbeat! Relatable!"

And this "blog critic" will identify herself!! (I think your blogs are great--EVEN your 'older' ones!!!)

And sorry to hear about hard lessons learned! Sometimes if we don't laugh about things we'd surely cry, so I'll laugh 'with you'!!!!

Mariley Johnson said...

Good lessons though.
It's funny. I was just feeling grateful the other night to have a plunger when Jens used half a roll of t.p. to wipe. You're 3 year old must be thinking the same thing my 4 year old was.
Just curious. Did the water damage your flooring?

JLJ said...

Very informative lessons here. Good to know about the knob on the side of the toilet. I'm going to look for it right now.

wackywilsons said...

You are such a great writer! You need to publish this post are hilarious and so well spoken.

Grateful for your post girl!

Lauren and Trevor said...

We have experienced this. Dallin's new gig is to pee on the floor just as soon as you remove his diaper to change it. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

I will not agree on it. I regard as precise post. Particularly the title attracted me to be familiar with the whole story.

Jessica Martiele said...

I have learned such lessons before, I confess. I fear learning by example - or osmosis - escapes 3 year-olds. Hm. Another lesson. :)

Heather said...

Yikes! Thanks for the tip about the valve. I would not know what to do! I had a good laugh, maybe someday (in say 20 years..) you'll look back and laugh too!

citymama1 said...