Monday, May 2, 2011

This Desert Life

This is our neighbor's Jacaranda Tree. They only bloom this time of year and are so beautiful.

My grandparents came to visit Easter weekend and my grandma just couldn't believe how everything here is in bloom or so far along in its growth. Our growing season is completely off from most of the US and I guess I've just gotten a bit used to it. We planted our garden in February and now we have HUGE zucchinis and bell peppers and Owen's bean plant (from pre-school) is about to give us some beans. I also thought I had better show a picture of our ONE massive grapefruit that our tree gave us this last year. Anyway, we've loved our little above ground garden and I wish I would've taken photos of all my millions of snapdragons that were blooming the first three weeks of April, but I forgot.

It's hard to tell the length and width of these zucchini from the photo, but they are about as big around as my upper arm and as long as that too! The proud bean grower and his brother! (The kids love the onion blossoms.)

These bells are bigger than my fist by quite a bit.

Everyone who enjoys the garden that I grow.

You have no idea how hard it was for me to wrench this grapefruit from its mother. I didn't want to take away all of her hard work!

To give you an idea of the size of this grapefruit--compare it to Eli's head. You can see how much love (and water) was involved.

There were beautiful deep red snapdragons everywhere! The bush in the back is my new Privet. I'm hoping this corner will finally become something beautiful.


kjirsti said...

Wow! I can't believe all your veggies! It's amazing how things grow so happily in some places and not in others. I have yet to successfully grow a zucchini here- Dad says its a desert plant- go figures, it loves your place! The flowers are beautiful- almost as beautiful as your children. Miss you-

Lauren and Trevor said...

You definitely have a green thumb, even in a desert.

rachel said...

Great Job! Our growing season is almost here. The snow is nearly melted, the sun is up for 12 plus hours and your garden inspires me. I really want some cherry tomato plants. . . I have my fingers crossed that they will survive four little sets of hands.
I hope you are feeling well! My favorite comparison was the grapefruit to Eli's head:)

Ruth Petersen said...

Your yard looks beautiful. The fruit and veggies are amazing. How nice your Gram was able to come for Easter. Was the grapefruit sweet and juicy?

Tami said...

You have quite the green thumb!!! That corner is beautiful with all those flowers. Nice Work!!!!

Jacqueline said...

Jacaranda's are in bloom here in CA too.

JLJ said...

My zucchini attempt failed. But yours look so good it makes me want to give them another try.