Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Favorite NEW Cookbook

I'm sure a lot of you visit the blog Our Best Bites. I have visited the site several times and drooled over the delcious looking food. I was even going to make one of their recipes when I discovered they were going to publish a cookbook. Now I realize that MOST of the recipes in the cookbook are also on the blog, but I am really a fan of a good cookbook--just ask my husband, he thinks I have some cookbook hoarding disease. So, I bought the cookbook three weeks ago.

Since then, I have made The World's Best Dinner Rolls (I'm not bragging--that's what they are called):

I then prepared their Cheesesteake Sandwiches. I am going to confess here that I thought that the flavor was going to fall short, so I generously added Montreal Steak Seasoning. A seasoning that can do no wrong on any meat as far as I'm concerned.

I then made their super delicious Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos. No picture, but they were soooo good that Ryanna--the resident cheese hater--LOVED them. I just dipped them in sour cream and salsa, but I hear they are good with the lime cilantro dip that is also found on their website.

I then had to try their Brazilian Lemonade--ever since my friend Koby made it and brought me enough to leave me in deep desire for a month or more. What better to wash down those taquitos with?

Sunday I pulled out all the stops and made their Pineapple and Ginger Flank Steak--which is not to be found on their blog--only in their cookbook apparently. We put the steak on top of their Coconut Rice (once again not found on the site, but in the cookbook) and for a side dish we did super yummy Carmelized Green Beans. Fresh green beans with red onion and bacon--can you ever go wrong with BACON?!?!?

And then Ryanna's birthday. What to do for her cake? I don't do cutely decorated cakes. It should probably be in my genes, but I don't go there. I happened to be flipping through this cookbook and saw a picture of their Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake and Ryanna's eyes got really big and she said, "I want that for my birthday cake." (along with some chocolate ice cream with brownie bits because she is MY daughter)

Doesn't that cake look fancy and it's sooo easy--even making your own mousse is really not a big deal.

This week I took it a bit slower and only made a Pesto Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes recipe (yes, I made the pesto from scratch and it turned out delightful), but I can't find this recipe on their blog either. Although it is similar to their Creamy Pesto Pasta--it's not exactly that recipe. Apparently, you really do need to buy the book.

You think I'm done? I'm not even started. However, last night I did make their Orange Kissed Cookies and called it good. I'm making myself type this right now, so that I don't eat every single cookie that is left.

And you, what is your favorite recipe you've discovered from their blog?


Lacey said...

I have made the taquitos and the crunch cake and our family loved both!! Their baked penne pasta (freezer meal) is also a family favorite! I don't think you can go wrong with that cook book! Love that site!

JenW said...

man, i do love their blog! i made their pizza and cinnamon good! and i just keep seeing things on there that look AWESOME! maybe i should ask for the cookbook for mother's day:)

kjirsti said...

I'd never visited their site, but now I've got it bookmarked! I think I need to look into tickets to Phoenix, the eats at your house are downright irresistible!

Kim said...

Try the mint brownies (they have two versions which are basically the same thing - full of butter but SO good). I have also done their sugar cookies with glace icing, which turned out really cute and made the cookies look like I actually spent some time on them. Also, I made their coconut banana bread with lime drizzle and loved it. Jon was so mad because he hates coconut but I didn't really care! I guess I'm outing myself here with spending too much time looking at their desserts. Maybe I'll go find something there to make for dinner tonight...

Heather said...

I'll have to get the cookbook Audrey! My mouth was watering reading your post!! I have never been on the blog before.

wackywilsons said...

AMAZING CHEF! Seriously! I am really impressed with all your gourmet meals and desserts...I only wish I could taste test them.

Jessica Bradshaw said...

That all sounds so good, I'm practically WEEPING. YUM! Thanks for the tip! :) Hope you guys are good, and that the next time you come for Disney, you get to stop we can see a new BEBE!!!