Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last weekend

Last weekend I was in Las Vegas--watching Jimmer Fredette and the rest of the Cougars play in person. This weekend I watched from home while trying to gently, and at other times not so gently, maneuver children out of my view of the TV. Who didn't cheer when they beat Wofford--but that was expected right? Then, I watched Gonzaga play their first round team--Gonzaga who has TWO men who are seven feet tall--and I worried about the Cougars' chances. Saturday night there was a lot of screaming and clapping and overall excitement as the Cougars won against this freakishly tall Gonzaga team. I loved it (but I did miss singing the school song and pumping my fist while yelling "Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah..."). Some feelings and experiences can't be replicated outside of a stadium.

And, so you don't feel lonely about not going to Las Vegas with us, I'll entertain you with photos from the occasion.

I love this picture because you can see that we were some of the first people in the stadium and I can just see Derek's face all lit up in anticipation of great things to come. This trip was my gift to him--I planned it and executed it, but I couldn't surprise him because I think that would've pushed him over the edge--he's a little bit responsible about his job.

Jimmer's so good he warms up by shooting two balls at a time--ha, ha!

I realize that these photos of the players are a bit grainy, but my camera was maxing out on zoom to try and get these, so you'll have to forgive me.

If you don't know who this is--you don't follow BYU sports.

We were LOVING this game!!!

He had just scored 52 points--a record that will probably never be broken. I guess it took his breath away too!

After reading some reviews and talking with some friends, we decided to go to the buffet at the Bellagio. It was delicious (for example--custom made omelets, seveal types of fish, sushi, prime rib, fresh fruit, several types of oven roasted pizzas, Indian dishes and desserts!!!!). Derek thought it was funny that I happened to grab several desserts my first time through. I consider that strategic planning. Why fill up on junk like salad and bread sticks when I can have a key lime tart or chocolate goodness?

This was the garden court area of the Bellagio. It was really cool. There are so many flowers and the little shed you're seeing the top of houses lots of different types of butterflies. If we were any good at photography, we could've spent some serious time here.

I thought this tree was so fun to look at and so artistic.

This was a living piece of art. As the flowers dry out, they are replaced, so there are always fresh flowers being displayed. If you look closely, you'll see a hose hooked up to the back to keep the flowers fresh.

This also was in the Bellagio--can you tell where I'd stay if I had the choice? It's the world's largest chocolate fountain. No really--I'll show you the certificate even.

Doesn't convince you still? Here's a better picture.

While we were there we also went and saw Cirque du Soleil's KA. We thought it was awesome--the stage moves--not just up and down, but completely vertically. They had some amazing stunts and the costumes were awesome. No pictures allowed though.

We also lost our car. Yes, probably the only two sober people in the entire casino and we forgot the level we parked our rental car on. I remembered the letter is the most frustrating thing. We looked for about 40 minutes before seeking help from the valet station where they put their people on it. They found it in about 10 minutes.

It also has to be mentioned that we began the trip by eating lunch with our cousin Jarom who recommended that we eat at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. I am now extending the same invitation to you. I loved my food and we all agreed that the Queso Fundido appetizer was to die for.

Now I'm home where women cover themselves up at least a little more, people don't wear their alcoholic beverage around their necks, you don't see "dancers" performing inside buses while you're driving down the road and I can breath the air without fear of emphysema. It was fun while it lasted, but it's good to be home too.


DKAZ said...

Great pics Audrey! I especially love that one of Derek at the pre-game, you can see his excitement from the back of his head. What a fun little weekend. I can't decide whether or not to poke fun at all my die hard Ute fan friends who have been "Jimmered".

Sabina said...

Audrey, I'm so proud of you for pulling that off. That is a ton of effort and organization and planning and work. I admire you. It is obvious that Derek was thrilled to be there. I also love the first picture. What a fun trip! We were certainly glad to get out of Las vegas as well. You guys are great!

rachel said...

What a fun trip! That chocolate fountain is something else. Colby's uncle is a waiter at the Bellagio, such good food!! I love the garden area too! I am amazed at what all they can keep alive to make those awesome looking "sculpture" type trees. All I can say is GO JIMMER! I have BYU going pretty far in my bracket and I really want the ice cream snickers bar that goes to the wimner:)

Jacqueline said...

Looks like you had a great time. David and I don't follow any team sports (except surf teams) so the first part was like a foreign language (wait I'm English much of what Americans say is a foreign language to me).
Did you see the water show in the front of the Bellagio? I loved that.

Erica said...

JEALOUS!!!! Forget Hawaii or the Bahamas- that is my dream vacation. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you and your fabulous pictures!!

Carianne said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! I could almost smell the flowers through your pictures. We're jealous of the BYU game! Next time you should invite us.

jayne said...

Are you headed to New Orleans this weekend?! We wish we were. Though, having been there before, the people hanging on bourbon street make Vegas seem like an elementary school. Jimmer!

JLJ said...

That is so awesome you got to see the BYU game and Jimmer live! You're a good wife to plan something so fun.

Lauren and Trevor said...

We are very jealous you got to watch the cougars play in person. What a fun trip!

Lyndsey said...

you made me laugh very hard. fun post, glad you got to enjoy the game, and I totally forgot you were pregnant, and you are so dang cute pregnant! that desssert looked perfect

peachytiffers said...

That trip sounds awesome!!! I love reading your vacation posts...I live vicariously through them! You're little belly looks sooooo cute!

wackywilsons said...

What fantastic gettaway...and even better for a prego mama who gets to eat at delicious buffets! That belly sure is adorable.

Annie said...

I agree the bellagio is yummmmmy!

You are a fabulous wife for pulling that off!