Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin--what do you think?

So, I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts on her...
Was she a good pick?

I read today that one candidate McCain had wanted was Lieberman, but when people got word that Lieberman may be the pick there was a lot of outrage due to his more liberal stances on various issues. McCain is already a maverick within his party, so he needed someone more in line with his party's stance.

Did he really know Palin's daughter was pregnant? Should that even matter?

Apparently the rumor is that by keeping his vp pick such a big secret, he may not have done all of his research on this candidate. However, there's also the idea that maybe she's a better candidate because she's not squeaky clean like Romney is.

I know that I'm trying my best to teach my daughter morals and values, but I also know she is going to make choices along the way that I won't agree with. Should I be held accountable for her actions? To some degree yes, but where do you draw the line? Bill Clinton had an affair while serving as President, I find that completely unscrupulous because he acted in his own behalf. This is Sarah Palin's daughter who did this...how much is it a reflection on her?

There's also that investigation into her conduct regarding the attempted firing of her former brother-in-law...

He never was fired, but his boss was fired. Of course his boss says he was fired because of this issue, but how much do we know about this boss guy? I saw a quote from Palin where she encouraged an investigation into the scandal. That's promising, but what does it mean?

Do you think McCain picked her only because she's a woman and he's trying to grab those voters who wanted Hillary?

Well, I'm wondering what you think?


Lara said...

I have a lot of thoughts on this issue.

First of all, regarding her daughter's pregnancy, I think it is ridiculous to hold her responsible for her daughter's actions. 17 year olds will get pregnant sometimes, no matter how stellar their parents are. Also, if Sarah Palin was a man, would people be judging her parenting skills? The bigger story here, is that the parents are not quietly giving her an abortion to cover it up.

I think she was an excellent choice. She was my second choice when I heard she was on the short list (after Romney of course), so I was happy to see her picked. She represents conservative values (unlike McCain) and she has worked hard to get rid of corruption in the Alaskan government. I realize that there is a scandal now, but it doesn't seem like a huge deal to me.

I think a lot of this is coming out in an effort to blind people to the fact that she has more leadership experience that Barack Obama does.

As far as getting votes from Hillary supporters, I don't see that happening in a major way. Maybe there are a few women out there who vote based on gender, but I have a feeling that most of the die-hard Hillary supporters supported her on the issues. Palin is completely opposite of her and if they look into that, I don't think that they will vote for McCain just because Palin is a woman.

I'm happy that this election has done a lot of work to eliminate gender and racial bias. Unfortunately, it has done the opposite concerning religious bias. I understand that McCain was lobbied pretty hard by those in the South NOT to choose Romney, based on his religion.

I'll stop now...:)

Kim Skinner said...

I think it was pretty smart for this reason only: everyone is talking about her and who she is and it shut down the talk about the DNC. I am not thrilled about either choice for President but am hoping she will be that bright light of hope for us conservative, patriotic and hopeful Americans.

JM said...

I second Kim Skinner's opinion: If we can get ONE conservative in office, that's a far cry better than just choosing between O and Mc. Ugh. Scandal, schmandal; my favorite thing about the woman is that she isn't a senator or house rep, and therefore has never missed a vote or professed one thing and voted another. She sticks to her guns...and her guns include being pro-life, which means supporting her daughter (who made a poor teenage choice) through a pregnancy. (I know a few girls and/or their amazing parents who dealt with teenage pregnancies, and pregnancy amongst teen girls messing around doesn't discriminate.) Anyway, I was going to have to pull an Ann Coulter prior to this: Get drunk and vote for McCain. Now I guess I can hold to my faith, because I'd at LEAST vote to have HER be a second in case he snuffs it.

Cari.Ryan Florence said...

I think it was brilliant for him to pick her. First off women relate with her and that's always a plus. She's not the cold hearted woman that Hillary is, but rather the soccer type mom. Also she's super conservative and that pulls people in McCain's direction since he's very liberal in his thinking!!

I really don't think people can judge Palin for her daughter. Kids will be kids and make their own decisions. She tried her best, but at the end of the day her daughter has her free agency. I wish that the whole teenage pregnancy thing wasn't part of the Presidential race because I don't think it has anything to do with it!

The Zookeeper said...

I think it was a so-so choice.
Pros: Took all attention away from Obama, and is continuing to do so. If all press really is good press, then this is fabulous.
She has never flip-flopped. She has stayed true to her conservative values, which neither McCain or Romney could say they have done. Definite strength.

Absolutely zero experience. If McCain died, we would be screwed.
Tons of scandal following this chick. McCain could really use someone squeaky clean I think.

She will not get any Hillary votes. Please, the woman is pro-life. However, she does seem to have the evangelicals, which is also more than Mitt could do.

I do think she is pretty. Not as pretty as MItt, but pretty. Let's be honest, that is a plus.

My only fear is that she will really come off as a desperation ploy. That was honestly my first thought. I hope that with time this is proven untrue.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time with her being the choice. I like her, but I think we could have had others that would have been better.

I do think that her daughter being pregnant plays into my decision. Because of my faith and values I believe that "Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children." (from the family proclamation, please read if you have forgotten)

You can't tell me that you could run a government and have 5 kids and still make them your primary responsibility. something has to be sacrificed and this has shown. Its all where your priorities lie.

Granted people with stay at home moms do have kids that get pregnant, but in that situation you can say you have done everything you can to prevent it. In her situation, I don't think that can be said.

I would still think it an unfortunate situation if say Mitt had a daughter get pregnant and still think it bad parenting, but I think it is worse because she is a woman. It is doctrine that the mother should be the primary person responsible for rearing children, it is a woman's gift! why would you want more that would belittle your gift?

We do have personal accountability of our children and I am a little disappointed that others have forgotten this, especially members of the church!

Jumping off my soapbox, I think once the dust settles and people can get past some of these "lesser of the evil" short comings, they will have a great ticket to defeat the Dems in Nov.

charlie said...

i think palin sucks. her entire gubernatorial race was ran on a platform of honesty and transparency (which, i happen to think is a stupid platform...don't get me wrong, i think honesty and transparency are important, but it always felt like that was the ONLY thing she had to offer). and her administration hasn't been honest or transparent. so if that was the only thing she had to offer, then what she is giving now...?

and she has flip flopped on issues. the one that comes to mind is ketchikan's bridge to nowhere. when she ran for governor she pandered the hell out of the ketchikan residents, and then dropped the project once it was in the best interest of her national reputation. i don't care whether or not the project was worth while, that's not my point. she doesn't stick to her guns.

mccain picked her only so he could appeal to a larger demographic. so that soccer moms will vote for mccain because they think they somehow relate to palin. and that doesn't make sense to me.

i don't think her daughters pregnancy should have anything to do with anything. i think 'anonymous' is overly judgemental.

i live in alaska. that doesn't mean i know what i'm talking about when it comes to palin. but i still think she sucks....

Anonymous said...

I'm quite appalled at some of the statements that are thrust at LDS mothers. I don't think anyone should be the first person to cast a stone at a mother whose daughter got pregnant or whose son got a girl pregnant. I know that the parents are held accountable... but that's only to a certain degree. Parents are suppose to do everything in their power to keep their kids on the straight and narrow, but kids have agency just like the rest of us!!!

How can people blame/judge parents for their kids actions?? Isn't that something we're not suppose to do?? God is the ultimate judge because he sees our hearts. I don't think it's fair to ever judge a person (parents included) for their mistakes.

I've known some amazing parents who did all of the things they were suppose to as parents, but guess what? Not all of their kids behaved perfectly. Some of the parents' kids got into drugs, other parents' kids became pregnant. I would NEVER judge those parents for what happened to their children because I know that they did everything in their power. I just wish everyone would back off Sarah and her daughter. Let them get through this ordeal together.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to Sarah Palin! She is an example of the American dream. She has worked her way through adversity to become the governor of the biggest state in the union, while raising a family and beating incumbent government powerhouses! All the rest of the hoopla is just politics at it's finest. There is no such thing as bad publicity and this is definitely getting a lot of attention.

McCain had something in mind when he made the choice, and I think it's a great way to balance out the ticket. It could be worse, it could have been Lieberman.

Mariley Johnson said...

I've got to say , aside from your "really make you think" post, I enjoy reading the comments! You've got your own little debate here. Interesting...

JM said...

Forgive my added commentary, but I just read the anonymous comments below wherein Palin is blamed for her daughter's situation because she isn't staying home (and thereby doing "all she can do,") and I must say, though I agree to the extent that our first duty is to our family (as women in Zion or men in the priesthood!), heaven forbid the woman invest any of her time in creating a brighter tomorrow or a help build a better world for her daughter outside the home. Also notably, her husband is a blue collar worker, and sometimes (even for white collars) it just doesn't support a family of 7. At some point our personal accountability comes into play for OURSELVES, and that's LONG before we have kids, ie. at age 8, if you want to get church-y. Again, some of the very best people I know have had kids get into drugs or screwed around (pregnancy resulting or no!), and whether Mom was at home or not in those families, (she generally was,) those kids are responsible and accountable for their actions because they had the Holy Spirit granted to them years before.

And Palin doesn't understand the gospel, and though we'd like to be able to hold everyone to the highest possible standard, since we ARE having to choose the least worst candidate (and vp), I just plain want someone conservative in office. Heck, she's more conservative (and I tend to agree with her views more often) than Romney, who it seems to me most members are all for just because he's a member. When did THAT ever make sense? I'M disappointed that members of the church have forgotten their personal accountability as voters! (Sorry, Audrey...had to vent. Let rip!)

wackywilsons said...

I do like how "raw American" she feels to me....she seems like someone you could just be friends with, who also can relate to many people.

Have you chosen the name Eli then? Did you watch that tv show, Eli Stone? Right down your alley with the whole lawyer thing.

I am thrilled about your new mini van!!! hoo-ray! Do give details...all the space you now have, does it have a tv (most do) and anything else super fuN?

I am also jealous of your SOnic Route 44's...no Sonic out here in MD...I totally miss them

roseanne said...

I just happened to find your blog through other sisters in our ward...I hope that's ok. As for Palin I like her so far. Her daughter is pretty much old enough to make her own choices and nowdays even iron clad temple bound mormons find it hard to stay morally clean. I'm not sure yet about the whole Mcain intentions of this but I'm with you... in one swoop he won back the majority of his party and snatched the swing Hillary "go girl power" gals. Smart move but I'd rather her be president than him (but that's just me.)
Anyhoo, I just want to say that you and your husband are so smart and interesting. You guys always have the best comments in church. I look forward to reading your blog!