Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's in a Name?

As you know, it's been quite an uphill battle for us to come together on a name we could both agree on.

Derek was very, very insistent on Jude for a long time.

I was very, very insistent that it would NOT be Jude for an even longer time.

So, we compromised--it will not be Jude.

We both really like Gabe. I think it's a cute name. Derek would never agree to it if I told him that's why I like it.

He says a boy's name should be "strong". Apparently only he knows the key syllables that create strength in a name.

Doesn't he know I picked Owen because it was cute?

My name means Noble Strength. I've always thought that was really neat. A very high expectation to live up to.

Derek's name means Ruler of the People. And he says I'm the dominant one?

Ryanna's name as far as I can tell means Sweet Basil. However, some sites say it's a derivative of Rhiannon which means Great Queen or Goddess. I don't know, I like a little sweet basil in my life. Who needs the drama of royalty? We already have one ruler of the people.

Owen--typically I've found that it means "youth," however, one definition says, "born to nobility" and is that not a crazy coincidence given my name definition combined with Derek's?

Now, the name that we both like and agree on is Eli.

Eli, like all of these name definitions, seems to have many interpretations:

1. Height

2. Uplifted

3. Ascended; My God; On High

Apparently all of the definitions appear to be common in going upward anyway. We could use some height in this family.


Lara said...

Coming up with names is so hard. I'm glad you can finally agree on one. I like Eli. My nephew is named Gabriel, and I think it's both cute and strong. :)

If we ever have another girl (heaven forbid!) she just plain doesn't get a name.

DONNA J. said...

I LIKE it! Cute blog! It's original to your family as well. Hope you're feeling well...miss talking with you.

Minharos said...

Very nice, and congratulations on narrowing it down! We're getting closer to talking about it :) It's so hard to name a baby. I always think it's easier to pick a name for whatever we're not having- probably since it's just pretend. I'm super picky when I know it's actually going to be my baby's name. Levy doesn't help much since he just likes weird names. Anyone who knows Levy would understand.

JenW said...

boy names are so hard. i really like eli, it goes well with the other names in your family:) good for you!

kjirsti said...

I loved your post- I got a good laugh. And nice fall template. Love ya-

Cari.Ryan Florence said...

I love his name!! I seriously think picking out the name is the hardest part! Thank goodness we're given 9 months to do it :)

Sabina said...

I love your new page Audrey! Would Gabe be Gabriel or just Gabe? You have a lot of decisions to make right now-van, name, etc... Good luck!

Dahly Mama said...

Hey Audrey!
Eli is very manly And cute!!! That's my vote!!! I'm kinda new to this blogging thing but I'm thinking I'm hooked and been dragged into the boat!
Your blog is very you and now you have a new blog stalker!

Heather said...

Yea for Eli!! I like it, its cute but don't tell Derek I said that.

Positively Creative! said...

I think I had Bella's name picked out before I even got pregnant with her...LOL! But luckily for Bella, Ray liked the name!
Like the new background,you're way ahead of me, I'm still in spring...heehee!

Lacey said...

It's so exciting to have a name! And your little Eli will be here before you know it! CRAZY! Loved your entry! You crack me up!

P.S_ Hope the car shopping went well!
Love ya!

Julie said...

I can't believe you are 32 weeks already! I like the name Gabriel. My husband and I always argue, argue, argue over names. Everything that I think is 'cute' he says, "That is not something a human should be named." What??? What does that even mean? LOL... it is an exercise in maintaining marital harmony, that's for sure. Good luck!

Lauren and Trevor said...

I like both name choices. Good luck with that decision, it is so hard! At least you have a couple of good choices to decide from and you can do whichever one feels right after he is born. (nothing like saving it for the last minute!) - Lauren

Lauren and Trevor said...

I like all three names, but you may also want to try combining each of your top choice names (i.e., Jude and Gabe) so that neither of you has to compromise. Take Gade or Jube for example, either might just create that win win situtation you were hoping for. - Trevor

The Zookeeper said...

I LOVE Eli. Tried to get it with Ryder. Failed. Ryder had no name for three days after his birth. Then he had two until we finally settled on Ryder. With Linley we put two names on a white board in the delivery room and had all the nurses and doctors that came in talley their vote. Obviously Linley won. We cannot name our children. Period.

Cuddlydoll said...

Eli is a great name. Naming kids is so hard but fun at the same time. We come up with a lot of great fake out names (our latest is L. Guapo). He better live up to it.