Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Wobbly Tooth Must Absolutely Come Out NOW!

There is this cute little book by Lauren Child (creator of the Charlie and Lola series) about Lola losing her first ever tooth. We've had the book for a couple of years and read it several times.

Now, going back to when Ryanna was two years old...She tried to get out of the bathtub by herself one time and slipped and fell on one of her front teeth. She cried for an hour, so I knew she had hurt herself pretty badly because she's not one to cry unless she's really hurt (she never cried for one single shot at the doctor's office). I gave her some Tylenol and she was fine from then on.

Well, a few weeks after that, I started noticing that the tooth was turning a brown color. I had it checked out by the dentist who said the tooth was alive, but had suffered severe trama. He said that because of the trama, the tooth would either come out much earlier than the others or stay in much later. Given how it looked, I was hoping it would be sooner.

Flash foward to this year. Ryanna's tooth changed from a brownish color to a red color--looking like there was blood in the tooth. We took her in for her check-up to learn that she must've damaged it again. Apparently teeth don't just change colors on their own, they have to be bumped or banged or otherwise hurt. Well, whatever had happened hadn't hurt her because she'd never said one thing about it.

Last Friday Ryanna went to the zoo. Afterward, she went for softserve ice cream cones. While she was licking the cone, she noticed blood on her ice cream. They cleaned it off and she took a bite of the cone and saw more blood. (This is turning into a Stephenie Meyer type tale wouldn't you say?)

Upon examination at home, I discovered she had somehow knocked off the bottom portion of her tooth. Ryanna said she didn't hurt at all--if there had been pain she would've definitely felt it eating ice cream that's for sure. We tried to have her eat soft foods over the weekend and scheduled her in for a visit on Monday. All weekend she kept saying, "I hope I have a wobbly tooth!!!"

Well, the nerve was completely exposed and the dentist was pretty much in awe that she wasn't writhing on the floor in pain. I think I may have to start her training as a boxer or something... So, this is how she'll look for 2-3 years is what I hear:

Of course Owen wanted to be in on the picture action:

We're happy to report the Tooth Fairy made her way to our house and left 75 cents. I thought she was going to get more, but she kept talking about how she was going to get a coin because of the story and apparently the Tooth Fairy didn't want to disappoint.


SHERI said...

Yeah- her and Kate have matching smiles!

Lacey said...

How fun!!! She loos so cute!! And of course we are huge fans of Charlie and Lola..I love when Lola figures out that the tooth fairy comes to your house after Lotta's first tooth falls out!

My nephew did the same thing when he was 2 except he hit the edge of the coffee table and the tooth did come out! He's one tooth short ever since but I think now that he is 7 it's coming in just fine! And my bro and sil still have that stupid coffee table! Go figure!

Julie said...

You know... I think you are lucky to get a gappy smile for longer than most of us. I think I only got two or three good pictures in before my son's permanent teeth grew in... and big old adult teeth are just not as cute as gappy kid smiles!

Oh, and I LOVE Charlie and Lola. :D

steve said...

75 cents??? I guess the shaky economy is affecting everyone including the tooth ferry. Glad to hear she's alright. So you still don't know how a tooth breaks in 2?

Zim Family said...

That is some story. She seriously is a studette! And what a cute smile. I am in love!

JLJ said...

I was seriously cringing reading about the blood and broken tooth, and the exposed nerve... ahhh! She is seriously a tough girl.

Aaron and Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

Ouch! You should probably pinch her to make sure her nerves are working properly! Cute smile! Love the blog!

wackywilsons said...

I think the toofless smiles are the best....what a brave girl! Definitely sign her up for some tough kick boxing classes.

Any new status with the mini van idea??? I also want to see some belly shots. please!

Jack and Annie said...

cute pics...

Maybe for the next time the tooth fairy comes you should go to the bank and get the golden dollar coin featuring Sacagawea. I think as a kid that would be pretty cool and is what I plan on doing. At least for a little while. :)

Anonymous said...

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Travis said...

Hi Audrey! I'm glad that Ryanna has a high tolerance for pain and everything went well during her teeth extraction. She certainly deserves a treat from the Tooth Fairy!

Our daughter, Sarah, also had her tooth extracted last month by our local (Columbia) dentist. The procedure was required since she got elbowed by her cousin while playing. After the procedure, there were toys for her from the dentist. In Columbia, SC and other parts of the country, the tooth fairy is very famous. Similar to most kids, she got thrilled because finally the Tooth Fairy will be visiting her that night. She was not disappointed because she found 2 crisp dollar bills underneath her pillow the morning after.

Truly a very rewarding moment for a child. Thanks for sharing your child's experience!

Jesse said...

Congrats to Ryanna on having her tooth out. It makes me remember my son who had his tooth almost knocked off after a bump, he didn't cry but it made me totally alarmed due to the blood coming out on his socket. Hurriedly, I've brought my son to the Myrtle Beach dentists to check up on his situation. They've discovered that the tooth was about to fall off, but due to the bump, it made his socket bleed. After dressing the wound, my son was fine once again.