Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where I've Been and Other Exciting News You Always Wanted to Hear

So, I don't usually like to use my blog as a journaling tool as much as a my thoughts on random items tool, but I know that so many of you have been wondering where I am and why I've been silent and well, if any authorities have come to take my children away like that "annonymous" poster said would be such a good idea.

Where: I've been in Utah the last week and a half. My grandma was sweet enough to fly down to Phoenix to drive with me and the kids to Utah. Her help and the double DVD player that Melissa loaned me saved my life. Wait! I feel a song coming on "You are the Wind Beneath My Wings....Oh! The wind beneath my wings."

Why: Women's Conference was May 1-2 at BYU. It was amazing. We were able to first hear from Sheri Dew who is one of the most motivational speakers for women that I've ever heard. Seriously, if you can't feel inspired after hearing her speak, you may need to check your pulse. Once again, there is much credit due here. Thursday, my cousin Kelli watched my kids along with her own, so that I could attend. Friday, my sister in law Sabina watched my kids with hers so that I could attend again. Let's see, another appropriate song..."We are family! I've got all my sisters with me. We are family! Get up everybody and sing!" (Actually, neither woman is directly my sister, but they are my family and their help allowed me to have a wonderful two days.)

So, if Women's Conference was only two days where have I been?

Well, I decided it would be a lot of fun to let Sabina take care of me and my kids while we got sick at her house. On Tuesday (I think that's when it started) Ryanna woke up in the middle of the night and threw up all night. I stayed up with her and helped to rinse the throw up bowl and try to offer comfort. Owen did his usual trick of this trip and woke up at 5:30 Arizona time allowing me just about 4 hours of sleep for the entire night. Sabina was kind enough to let me sleep for several more hours the next day. Ryanna continued to throw up for the remainder of the next day.

On Thursday I felt really sick and my head hurt all day, so once again, Sabina let me get some additional rest in the afternoon. Ryanna was restored to full health and ran around and played with her cousins.

On Friday, my grandma flew back out to SLC and drove back with us to Kanab, Utah where we spent the night and I felt like throwing up all night. I never did throw up and I managed to watch the end of the Jazz win over the Lakers. I see they won again today--way to go.

Saturday, we woke up early and started the drive the rest of the way to Phoenix. Owen pooped all the way up his back and down to his toes. None of this was noticed until my grandma had pressed him firmly and lovingly to her chest and coated herself in poo. I waited in the car while she changed him and herself. We made it to Phoenix where I dropped my grandma off at the airport, so she could fly back to Colorado and I drove home, took a bath and slept for two hours while Derek played with the kids and brought me random items of food I tried to eat.

Today, my energy level is slightly better than it was earlier today, but typing is about as much strenuous energy as I can exert. I did go to sacrament because I wanted to see Ryanna sing a Mother's Day song for me (she rocked!) and noticed that I had developed a weird rash on my arms. The woman sitting next to me said it's some flu virus going around and that her grand daughter had it earlier this week. Did I mention Owen is sick?

A few side notes:

  1. Yesterday, nothing, absolutely nothing except for peppermint lifesavers sounded good, so that's what I ate from early morning until I got home and had a Jamba Juice. Oh water, that was the only other item that sounded good. Peppermint and water--who knew? I can also highly recommend Butter Rum Lifesavers. They will refresh you and allow you to stay temple worthy.

  2. If you do have to be sick at someone's home, it's really good to be sick at Sabina's house because she is miserable during most of her pregnancies, so she'll offer you a lot of sympathy and let you get the sleep you need.

  3. Women's Conference was completely motivational and the speakers reminded all of us that as mothers the only and best place for us to be is in the home with our children.

  4. The Museum of Art at BYU is awesome and it was incredibly refreshing to study art again in some small measure like I was able to do in Spain.

  5. Kelli is an incredible cook and her raviolis in browned butter sauce were absolutely delicious (so was the garlic bread) and then on fast Sunday, while she was fasting, she made us fruit smoothies (please post the recipe Kell!), ham and pancakes. If I lived with this woman I would weigh close to 300 pounds.
Okay, that's about it. Please let Owen's sickness pass soon...


Lacey said...

AUDREY! I'm so happy your home! It's just not normal around here without you! And I'm so sorry you and your little ones got sick! It's the worse being sick away from home! Hopefully by tomorrow you are doing better and we can plan a playdate this week!
Glad you made it home safely! Love ya! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

JenW said...

hey i'm so glad you are back too! we got some kind of sick nasty bug a week was miserable, i totally sympathize with all that mess. yuck. but i'm glad you are here again, hope owen gets well soon!

Lara said...

Sounds like that crap has taken over the entire state of Utah.

And....why did you not stop in Cedar City? Huh? Huh?

Glad you had fun! I love Women'S conference, but I haven't been in ages.

Julie said...

I was worried about your absence after the crazy anonymous comments... I thought that maybe you had given up the blog world for good! I am so sorry about the bug. Ugh! I am glad that you were surrounded by good friends and family and unconditional love. Hope the pregnancy is going well.

DKAZ said...

Glad you're back! I've heard many good things about Women's Conference this year, too bad I couldn't go, I was there. Hope you're on the mend-we always come back from Utah with something.

Talk to you soon-get feeling better.

rachel said...

WOMEN's CONFERENCE!!! It was totally my favorite thing when we lived in Utah. Sheri Dew is so fantastic also a personal favorite. I am really happy that you got to go!! Amen to the BYU museum of art also. I hope that sickness goes away!! We had it too. Well wishes from us.

kjirsti said...

I missed your blog, and I wish I could have joined you all in Utah. Sorry to hear about all the sickness- that seems to be a trend whenever the cousins get together. I love the picture of Ryanna with the Winder kids!

Lauren and Trevor said...

Sounds like a fun and eventful trip. It seems like vacations are always the times we get sick! Bryce doesn't get sick very often but he manages to come down with something every time a vacation rolls around. We did miss your blog, so hope your energy to type returns:) -Lauren

Melissa said...

Glad you're back! I hope the DVD player helped. It's one of the best purchases we've ever made! I hope you're feeling better soon.

JLJ said...

Here, here to women's conference. I totally came home ready to be a better person and mother. Sheri Dew made me feel like I could move mountains.

Meridith said...

Audrey, I was sooo excited to see you, and I never thought I was going to run into you again, but I was seriously bummed that we only talked for a few minutes. I'm sorry that after you left things got so miserable. I really hope Owen gets better fast. Sickness is no fun for sure! I hope the next time I run into you I can talk to you for a lot longer.

Zim Family said...

How awesome that you got to go to Utah and Women's Conference and how crappy that you were all sick but how awesome that you were able to stay with someone willing to take good care of you!! Hope you are all feeling better!!

Ryan & Rischel said...

Can I go to womens conference with you next year?.... I have heard amazing things about it!! Hope you guys all get feeling better.

Heather said...

Wow! What a fun and poopy week all at the same time :). I'm here so let's hang out! Let me know when you're available!!

wackywilsons said...

I have missed you...good to know that you are back safely and healthy again. Sabina sounds like a gem, where can I get one of those?

How is your belly? Poking out yet?

Look forward to more updated blogs! We are all fans!