Thursday, May 29, 2008

Celtics All the Way!!!

I realize that most of you reading my blog are not huge fans or watchers of the NBA. That's okay, I still have to say that I feel a bit perplexed when I watch the series between the Lakers and the Spurs. Here's why:
You'll notice that they still call the Lakers--the Lakers and not Kobe Bryant and the rest of those guys. No one has told Kobe this still. In fact, they just made him the MVP of the whole NBA league (a title that used to be held by respectable, hard workers like Steve Nash is now given to men who ultimately admit that they may have misunderstood a woman and raped her accidentally and then get tattoos of their wife's name on their arm as an apology).

I would cheer for the Lakers if they didn't have Kobe on their team, but he made me really angry the other night and here's why:

At the end of the game, Barry had the ball and Fischer totally fouled him. I mean, blatantly fouled him. You know what happened? Nothing. No free throws, no foul given, nothing. I mean, let's be fair. You foul someone, they get some sort of retribution; that is how the game was designed. An interviewer asked Kobe about the foul at the end of the game and instead of making some wise comment like, "You know, I didn't get a good look. I'll have to review film later." He said, "There was no foul." Riiiiiggghhhtt.

Jack Nicholson is not the ref--so sit down! Phil Jackson, looks to me like you need to stand up more often--get thee to the gym--you're starting to make Sir Charles look thin.

Now, as much as I don't really appreciate Kobe, I can't cheer for the Spurs either and I'll elaborate on that for you too:

Bruce Bowen is a dirty player. He gets away with cheap fouls and no, he's not quick, he's a cheater.

The Spurs, as a team, must attend acting class in the off season because I have never seen so much acting by any one team. Not good acting, but there is no instant reply in the league.
The Spurs whine. My two year old whines less than they do. In this catergory they may have found a friend in Kobe Bryant who is also a big whiner.
As you can see, I don't have any love for either team. I don't really care who wins at this point, but it's fun to pick a team anyway, so I'm going to say Go Celtics!!!!


Lacey said...

Me and Chris had this exact conversation last night! We aren't even watching anymore. I only want the lakers to win because the spurs think they are better than everyone else (really it's because they beat the suns)...on the other hand, I seriously think the lakers are overrated! Yes, they won the west but seriously! Bryant is good but so is Amare, or (my favorite) Barbosa.

AND, I think regardless of who wins...I'm going to cheer for the east division...not the west. Chris was surprised by this but I'm standing my ground. I don't know why I'm so bitter. It's the same way I feel about Shaq! Sure, he's an LSU alumni but he is highly overrated and can't shoot a free throw to save his life!! Loved your post!

Scott & Tami said...

Amen sister!!!

Scott & Tami said...

ps...congrats on having a boy...that's exciting....and holy cow you have a huge back yard...I am way jealous.

Brittany and Scott said...

i do love the nba and i'm pulling for the celtics!!!

JLJ said...

I haven't been watching since the Jazz were taken out and really I'm not a huge fan of NBA, just certain teams. But I got a big kick out of reading your passion for the sport. I would never have pegged you as being hard-core ( I guess I don't know you that well - just 1st impressions) I loved it!