Saturday, December 15, 2007

How to Play Jingle Bells Without Looking at Your Violin

So, Ryanna's violin concert was this morning. I was very happy to see that several kids who are older than her were playing the same song she was "Jingle Bells." I also am happy to report that she can play "Jolly, Old St. Nicholaus" and has learned the beginning of "Joy to the World" as well.
Now, we have been talking for weeks about her playing for this recital. One of the biggest problems for her in the last year is she is a people watcher violin player. This means that instead of looking at her violin, she'll learn a song so well that she won't even look at her instrument while she plays the song.
This was exactly what happened today. Since she wasn't looking at her instrument, she also played herself completely off her strings which caused her to lose her grip on her bow. She played on though. The crowd cheers---she played on, she played on! You can't see it especially well, but she's holding her bow a really crazy way after she loses her grip. She caught right back up to the music though. She did a great job overall. She played it perfectly three times before we left the house, but we apparently aren't nearly as fun to watch. Also, I have a video of her teacher playing a song as well. It's beautiful! I mean, it's not Jingle Bells, but it'll do--hee, hee.
If you can't get these video below to work, please go here and watch the video.
PLEASE let me know if you were able to view these videos on my blog or if you had to go to youtube.


Lara said...

Had to go to youtube...the videos are showing red x's.

She does such a great job! Bria does that same thing...looks all around at the recitals/concerts and her bow goes all over the place. It is kind of amusing. Loved the bow hold at the end...but hey, she did it! I'm proud of her...and you, I know it's a ton of work to get a kid to that point.

Chloe is out of violin now. She is just too stubborn and would rather do piano. Big decision for me to change her, but I think it's for the best. Especially after watching Ryanna and knowing that Chloe can only do Twinkle, and that's only if she WILL. Mostly she just refuses. Sigh. :)

Minharos said...

Great job Ryanna! That's so fun to see and I'm really impressed. She's about as good as I was when I quit playing after 2 years. I love the violin and would love to play again. I'd also love for Macey to play, but that's my dream not hers. Oh well. I'll just live vicariously through you guys.

Spencer said...

I like the idea of kids. However thinking back to how painful Christmas piano recitals were for me, and I was playing in them- I can only imagine how awful they were for my dad. It gives my kid making desires pause. I'm totally kidding. It looks like you guys are doing great.

DONNA said...

I thought that Elder Hebein had a great comment on his P-Day this week. It went as follows: It´s interesting how everything we do in the church prepares us to be better people...healthier, richer, and more personable. In the BOM we read about the Nephites, who, whenever they obeyed God's commandments, became a very rich people. Interesting that in the church we are taught even when we are young how to: speak in public, study, sacrifice things to acheive greater things, learn easily, serve, manage money through tithing, and build strong family ties. I think it´s interesting how a side affect of you being strong in the church is that you gain skills to be strong in your life as well..."

I thought Ryanna did an outstanding job. Sherm listened to it and thought she was outstanding as well and from a very accomplished string player and musician...that's a compliment. Bravo Ms. Petersen!!!!

DKAZ said...

I couldn't view the blog video but I could the You tube one. She is really amazing...very natural and very amusing all at the same time. Just the look on her face while she's playing is incredible. You'd never think she was nervous, anxious or trying hard to remember notes or anything. She is just so stinkin' cute!