Saturday, November 10, 2007

Take a Look, It's in a Book...

  • This morning I went to one of my favorite activities--book club! I actually belong to two different book clubs, one made up of women in my new ward and the one I went to today which is composed of women from my old ward. It used to be one of our interest groups for the ward, but was removed as an interest group...not a subject I like to discuss.

    The last two times we've gathered we've done a brunch theme where each of us brings a brunch type item and we talk about life, kids, etc. and eventually discuss the book as well. It's a lot of fun to hear people's perspectives on the book that month--what they loved, what they didn't like, how they felt about the characters, the symbolism they found in the book.

    Seriously, how can you not love to read? I know there are people out there who don't read. Why? I admit that I don't read a lot of self help or hard science type books, but I do love to read pretty much everything else. Admittedly, there is a lot of trashy literature out there, but there is so much interesting and thought-provoking material as well. I never understand how people can't get into books. I think I average reading a book about every week and a half.

    I always get really excited when I finish a good book, I want to share it with other people. I love to talk about it and see myself or my life experiences in the book. I love to learn about the author and see how their life is reflected in the book as well.

    I have a lot of areas in my life that I need to improve and that includes reading certain books. Some of the books I haven't read, but want to get around to are:
  • Anna Karenina and War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo (We're reading it for this month's book club!)
  • 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriela Garcia Marquez
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemmingway
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote (Did you know he wrote this? Did you know he grew up with Harper Lee who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird--already read it.)
  • Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
So, what other suggestions do you have out there? I have read a lot of books, but am always looking for more suggestions. Feel free to leave yours.


DONNA said...

I LOVE to read too! When reading a great book, it all seems so real to me like you're actually transported to the time and place. Without exception, I believe that the books are always better than the movie. Because I read so much, I have set a goal to exercise my testimony by reading the Book of Mormon once a year. Sherm and I would like to read the BOM together as a couple one time before we go to Brazil to pick up our missionary. Reading really does open up worlds that we may never have had access to except by turning a page!

P.S. Do you think that they'll ever turn the BOM into a movie...even then I think the book is better than any movie!!!

Tina said...

I have rediscovered my love of reading thanks to our (formally ward) book club.
I just finished Into the Wild. It was awesome! The best part about it is that it's non-fiction, like reading a really long newspaper article. I would definitely recommend it.

Kylie said...

Good luck with Anna Karenina. I have been reading that for about 2 years (plane rides and visits to Dean's parents house only), but it is good. At your rate, you woud probably finish it in 2 1/2 weeks. I, personally, would hesitate to recommend For Whom the Bell Tolls. I had to read it for American Lit dring my last year of college and did not like it. Hemmingway is a fantastic writer, but the subject material...blehh. I would suggest The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, and the Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. And 1984 by Aldous Huxley.
This makes me realize that I havent really read much since graduating (my degree is in English). I needed a break, and never really got back into it. Maybe I will. And then we can talk books more.

Lolly said...

I don't know if I would recommend Anna Karenina either. I can't say the plot was too interesting, and all of the names that are so similar is way confusing. I just finished 1000 splendid suns, it was great thanks for the recommendation.

Heather said...

I just read an entire book today...its was a cheezy historical novel/romance. I just grabbed it as I was leaving the library last week. I'd give you the title but its upstairs and I'm too lazy to go and get it :)

I agree though, reading is the best!

Joel said...

The Alchemist is definitely on my to read list.

I've read the Tolstoys on your list as well as the Hemingway. All for lit classes.

Is Into the Wild the one about the meat packing industry? Or something like that? I think I've read it....maybe not. Ha!

Reading the Scarlet Pimpernel now and loving it.

I find reading to be a wonderful stress reliever. When I'm not reading for pleasure I am so much more irritable. :)

Lara said...

That was me ^^^^. Joel does not read. Well, he does, but it's stuff like "20th Century Music" and "A History of Opera." That's the stuff he loves to read. Fiction? No way. :)

Scott & Tami said...

You're crazy!!! I hate, how the heck do you have time to read and blog so much? Okay, you just make time for it like I do with other things like playing basketball, tennis, and working out. I wish I could appreciate reading as much as other people, but I just am slow and I always fall asleep. I do like what your friend said about reading the BOM once a year....if I at least do that....I'll be happy.

The Schneider Family said...

I love to read as well! It is very theraputic!!! Ecspecially now that I have children. I am always finding time to read. My sister-in-law recommened the twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. I'm not into vampires, but this was really really good. I really liked it. It is a very popular series.

briette said...

I don't have time to read the words on the page but I have listened to a lot of books on tape over the last 4 months. I found Anne Kareina and for whom the bells toll both very interesting. I'm sure you'll like both. love gets

Anonymous said...

after reading others comments I had to respond. I found Anne Karenia very insightful. It like madam Bovardy something like that where very similar and such a contrast form Anne of Green Gables which I was reading while listening to the other to. I realized how easy it is in life to let Satan take control and lead you to hell. One of the best ways to negate his effort is to be great full for what we have. Anne Shirley loved live and everything in it. I would love to gain a greater appreciate and insight for simple beauties and gifts of live. gets