Monday, April 16, 2012

Iphone Life

I was a most reluctant purchaser of an iphone a few years ago. Why would I need it other than for calls and the mapping function? I never texted, I certainly didn't know how to use any "apps"and I didn't think I could justify the monthly cost an iphone comes with.
Boy have times changed. Now, I find myself wondering if we could buy an ipad or maybe even buy a Mac? You see, I've hardly touched my camera this year or my flip video recorder. I love that my iphone fits right in my purse and that it takes HD video. I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with my phone.

My newest find for a fun app is called Oldify. It's hilarious!!! You take a photo of whomever and it converts the persons face into that of a senior citizen. Not only that, the face moves and yawns and sneezes. It's quite hilarious. I highly recommend it. For instance you could capture a photo like this:

There he is, my 76 year old 5 year old. I love the age spot on his cheek.

I also got some sweet photos of the produce that we grew compared to the produce you get at the store:

Want to see the really cool church activity that we put together? This cake idea is from pinterest of course!

My sassy violin player.

The man of the house.


rachel said...

It is amazing what life you can capture with those things. I haven't converted yet but Colby is totally in LOVE with his. Maybe someday after I start texting more. . .

kjirsti said...

I"ve started using the camera function more. Tom and I have found that it is an important tool for us to share a life that is so often very separate.

Lacey said...

That app is so funny! I will have to check it out...on Chris' iphone. Not mine. ;)

Jacqueline said...

We are a Mac family. But I don't have an iPhone yet. Working from home I don't need one.
I also don't need an app called Oldify. I can see the same process in the bathroom mirror!

Marisa said...

Ha Ha. Where's YOUR oldify picture?!