Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'll Love You Forever

My friend and best seamstress, Jen, posted a link to this blogpost (be warned, you're going to tear up--I did!) and I just felt so inspired by her thoughts--Jen's thoughts as well--you should read her post too. I think a lot about motherhood these days. In fact, I had my yearly check up with my ob today (aren't those so fun?) and we talked about family.
I think a lot about the family that I have. I love my children so much. I marvel at their talents and their beauty. I wonder how I could ever have been trusted to raise such amazing humans. I do wish that I did a better job of taking the time to plan more crazy and fun activities for my kids. But the post reminded me that when it comes down to it, there's something that is so special and sacred about family that you can't produce through a perfectly executed birthday party.
Tonight Derek came home a bit early from work (before 6!) and he ran upstairs and threw on some shorts and ran outside to play ball with the kids. I folded laundry upstairs and it ran through my mind that this is bliss. Not so much the folding laundry, but the building of family. Sure, there's work to be done, but there's time to play and laugh together too.
As I think about how much there is to be done every day, it is overwhelming at times, but when I have some sweet moments where I stop and hug one of my children or sing a little song with them I feel so close to them. That feeling is such a comfort and such a lift to my spirit.
Maybe these feelings are why being a grandparent must be so grand--you finally have more time to stop and enjoy these little people without having to haggle with them to eat correctly or quit fighting or to flush the toilet. You love more than you push. You relax a bit and appreciate how quickly these kids grow.
I hope that someday when my kids are adults they can feel like I do about my own mom and grandma, that when I need to feel unconditional love and support, it's no further than a phone call to the women who love me.


rachel said...

It is amazing the role we have to help these little people try and make it through such a chaotic and crazy world. I had a nurse one time ask me why I was having another child when this world is so bad? She had just lost a daughter to cancer. I just said I believe that through love and these relationships we can make it a better place now and after this life. I know it's full of just absurd banalaties that some people wouldn't even do for money, but it's something about "doing something for someone that they can't repay you for". It makes me feel close to my Savior and closer to a better me. It's interesting the political intrigue that has recently been cast on the stay at home mom vs the working mom. I think both are important and trying their best, but I am glad to try to make the sacrifice necessary to stay home. Thanks for the inspiring, great post.

JenW said...

Thank you for your words Audrey. I am so lucky to be surrounded and buoyed up by wonderful friends