Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Costumes

I had to laugh when I finally uploaded these photos of the Halloween experience. Ryanna was Rapunzel, but looking at her in that wig I think she actually looks more like one of those ladies you see in the mall where you want to say, "Sister, you are 65, cut your hair and dress your age!" It's even funnier when I think about how her wig fell off during the Halloween carnival and I tried to put it back on, but it was such a gob of hair that I did it backwards and so Rapunzel had all these bald spots and really needed some Rogaine.

Owen was a ninja and I'm honestly glad that costume is done. This child is a bit obsessive and that does not exclude research about Halloween costumes. Every day we had to talk about ninjas and I discovered I don't really know that much. How do Ninja's drive with those swords on their backs? I assume they didn't have cars then? What about those dagger thingies? Can't really walk with those tucked into your belt. And shoes--I think they wore slippers, but I'm not quite certain. I'm fairly certain they ate rice or am I just being stereotypical? I just don't know much about a ninja lifestyle.

I know this is blurry, but he's doing a ninja kick and I love it.

Eli was the ever popular hand-me-down-we-are-not-buying-you-a-new-costume-because-you're-too-young-to-care Dragon! I love this costume. He looked adorable in it just like Owen did when he wore it. We had a hot Halloween this year though, so he didn't wear the head part much. That and the fact that his head is not huge like Owen's, so it kept falling down on him.

Since we didn't trick or treat on Sunday, I let the kids hand out the candy and I think they may have enjoyed that better than actual trick or treating. They sat there all night and didn't even let the trick or treaters get to the door before they threw it open with excitement.

And the cupcake picture. It's just adorable. I make cute kids--correction--WE make cute kids. On to Owen's birthday and then Thanksgiving!

And, I had to throw this picture in here to show you the hail damage from that storm a few weeks ago. Check out the metal coils on our AC unit!!! I also included the brief video of the storm from that day. It was CRAZY!!!!


JenW said...

you guys do make some cute kids...seriously! love the costumes and that damage to the A/C is pretty WOW! glad that's getting taken care of!

Lara said...

Sophia wants Ryanna to know she looks beau-ful.

And I love that you got a picture of them waiting for Trick or Treaters. My girls were the same, it made me laugh to watch them all huddled at the window waiting to hand out candy. Perhaps I'll forgo the trick or treating every year since it's so much fun to stay home and hand it out!

Mrs Remodel said...

I'm pretty sure Ninja's don't wear crocs but perhaps they should!
D sat by the door for two hours waiting for trick or treaters in CA and we only got one! He was very disappointed. At that rate I have candy for the next 20 years.
BTW, I signed in as Mrs. R cos i can't be fussed to look for my other password and I remember this one.:-)

Lauren and Trevor said...

Great costumes! The cupcakes look amazing. I can't believe that hail.

rachel said...

Love the costumes! Rapunzel is such a cool character to be and frankly I could never get my wigs to look right anyway. I applaud the effort. We did the same thing with letting our kids answer the door and I really do think they liked it better than going last year. Hmmm, to trick or treat or not that will be the question next year. Love the blog makeover very cute!

JLJ said...

Love the dragon. I love that you got one more use out of it.

wackywilsons said...

What adorable little costumes...and those cupcakes looked divine!