Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Traditions

So, even though Christmas is my most favorite holiday because of the religious meanings and the warm feelings, Halloween is easily my second favorite holiday. How can you not enjoy a holiday that is based around getting candy? Seriously, I must've invented this holiday in another life.

So, we hit the Pumpkin Patch as is our tradition. It was fun, but I was shocked at how few pumpkins they had as compared to years past. I had heard that there would be a pumpkin shortage this year due to bad pumpkin weather and they weren't joking. I've already bought all the pumpkin filling I think I'll need for the whole year--if you like it--you should do the same.

Ryanna 2010

Ryanna 2007

The crazy face picture was actually the best of the bunch.

My kids loved the farm animals. Eli was actually the most excited--so excited in fact that I couldn't get a good photo because he was running and jumping with such happiness.

Eli used this as a substitute ball and it cracked after one day.

We also decorated the house on the first of October and I added these Halloween blocks as a new decoration to my collection. Thanks to my girlfriends for their great ideas and know-how and willingness to include me all things crafty. My kids have loved switching the blocks to count down the days.
Mine is the one on the left.

We also Boo'd a couple of houses. It's the tradition where you take treats to some friends and leave a cute, little poem with instructions for how they continue the Boo onto some other friends. My kids love to do that too and they are getting pretty good at hiding.

And, last night I pulled out all the stops and we made caramel apples--next year I want to get fancy and do some gourmet style--heath bar or rocky road, we made Halloween T-shirts with these iron-on decals that I bought last year after Halloween was over and we decorated our fake pumpkins with our little push-in decorations.

The lazy parent's way to do pumpkins.

I love how the shirts turned out. To be honest, we were lucky and found Owen's shirt with that spider web already on it. Eli's shirt had all of his stuff on the front and we ironed stuff onto the back. Ryanna's was completely blank though and I love how it turned out.

What can I say, I love this holiday.


Mariley Johnson said...

I can't believe how grown up Ryanna is getting! I guess that's what happens when you don't see people regularly for a few years.

I love those fake pumpkins with the push-in decorations. Where do you find those?

Sabina said...

Go Super Mom! Is there anything you didn't do? We also LOVE Booing.

Heather said...

Wow you go all out! Your kids are so cute and you are one awesome mama.

Cute craft! Glad you guys are doing so great. You do so many fun things, it's inspiring! We just stay at home a lot :)

Audrey said...

Mariley--I bought last year's at the dollar bin at Target. I haven't noticed them this year, but I haven't been looking either.

Lyndsey said...

wow what fun you guys have! i thought we were good to have decorated pumpkins!

JenW said...

so cute! i love those shirts, they turned out super cute:) i also like halloween...love it really. it might be orange and black though...two of my fav. colors:)

rachel said...

CRAFTY!! Looks like so much fun. The block crafts you guys made are so cute! I forgot all about booing people. We did that as kids and it was so fun! I might opt for the fake pumpkins we are definitely getting down to the wire and we haven't carved ours yet!I am excited to see their costumes this year;)

Lauren and Trevor said...

What Halloween fun! Thanks for all the great craft ideas.

wackywilsons said...

Who wouldn't love that holiday with a crafty and creative mama like you? Your kids are lucky!

JLJ said...

My kids would love to make their own halloween t shirts. Where did you get the cute decals?