Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who Do You Look Like?

It's interesting how each person seems to see your children differently. I, personally, don't see myself in Ryanna at all. I think she looks completely like Derek's side of the family: brown eyes (Derek's mom is the only grandparent with brown eyes), darker toned skin, skinny, skinny body. All of those things make me think Derek's family.


Derek and His older sister

Now Owen, with his bigger frame and blonde hair and hazel/greenish eyes, I can see my family more clearly there.

Owen--that smile!

Me and Owen with our blonde hair--at least he doesn't have a sunburn!

Though I definitely see a part of Derek's face shape in Owen.

Eli, I still don't know which family members I see there. He does get really tiny eyes when he smiles like I do. Funny, I think it's so cute on him, but I hate it for myself. Aren't we always our own worst critics?


Me--maybe I look like Eli?

His smile gets me too!

Any Eli in little Derek?

So, last week we were at Owen's soccer practice and the coach comes up to talk to us and notices Ryanna and Eli. "Are these all yours?" he asked Derek. Derek responded affirmatively that we were indeed the parents. To which the coach responded, "They all look like your wife."

The next day at the soccer game, which I was unable to attend, another parent made the same comment to Derek.

Now, I tend to take strangers views on which of the children look like which parent with a little more validity given that these strangers didn't grow up with me or Derek, so they don't have the bias which people who have known you for a long time may have.

However, this idea, I just can't buy. All of my kids look just like me? How can that be when they all look different from each other? I thought I'd post some of Derek's baby pics and some of mine and some of our kids and then you can tell me who you see...
Maybe I'm just wondering about all of this because I'm finally making the trip to meet my dad's biological family. Yes, on Thursday I leave for Arkansas to meet my own great grandma for the FIRST time. Pretty amazing. I'm so excited. I guess I'm wondering too...do I look anything like that side of the family? Any habits that were genetic? Is that even possible? Guess I'll find out in a few days!


Sabina said...

good luck on your trip!

Jack and Annie said...

+1 Yes good luck on your trip!

koby said...

So I totally see things opposite as you. I see more of you in Ryanna and Eli. I think more so Ryanna though. And Owen is so Dereck to me. Yeah, call me crazy, but thats how Sue, I mean Koby C's it :)

Ruth Petersen said...

Can't wait to hear about the trip and see pictures. Have a wonderful time. Wish I could be close and have the kids over.

Dahly Mama said...

Your kids definitely have YOU in them!! Eli the most, but each one of them. Ryanna looks the most like Derek, but I didn't really see that until I looked at your pictures. You have a very distinct look - I think it's the eyes, and so it is easier to see that in your kids!! They are all adorable though, and you are too!!! (ahh shucks!).
I hope you'll share your experiences and feelings when you get back from Ark. I am fascinated with it all!! YOu really should write a book!

Lara said...

I think the boys look a lot like you, and Ryanna more like her dad, but I can see both parents in both of them.

For the longest time everyone said Bria only looked like Joel, but in the last couple years it has changed and she suddenly looks like me to strangers. Weird.

Tiffini said...

It was so fun to see baby pics of you and Derek...definitely shows stronger similarities between you and your kids!

Jason has always said that Ryanna looks just like you. But, I've always thought she looks more like Derek. Owen definitely takes after you, and Owen just seems to be a good mix. Although, after seeing your picture underneath his has made me rethink things. Maybe Eli looks more like you than even Owen does!

It's funny b/c I've always thought that Laci takes after Jason's side of the family. But, since Jacob has been born - who is nearly an exactly clone of Jason! - people are telling me all the time that Laci looks just like me! Funny how these things work, huh? ...makes me really excited to see what this next one is going to look like!

Lyndsey said...

good luck and have a great time! how excitting!!!

rachel said...

I think your kids all look like siblings but I couldn't tell you why or which parent. I see you both in all three. So funny, comments people say about who they look like etc. . .Ours always get comments when they are with Colby's stepdad they aren't even related Lol!
Have a fun trip!! Thanks for letting me hang out the other day!

wackywilsons said...

I definitely think your kids have Derek's eyes...but, Eli looks a lot like YOU...

I totally agree about asking strangers what they think. I think my boys are all a blend of J and I... but, it's fun to see what other's think. What do YOU think of my boys?