Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Traditions

Before I was ever married I remember hearing several stories about how Valentine's Day was a miserable holiday. In particular what caught my attention was how married women felt abused because their husbands didn't remember to get them anything or because the wife had given her husband a wonderful Valentine's Day the year before only to feel completely ignored the next year. I didn't want any of this to describe my Valentine experience.

So, the first year Derek and I were married I took care of Valentine's. Derek bought me some cinnamon lip candies (which I have discovered since we moved from Utah are not easy to find and yes, there is something different about them vs. the cinnamon bear candy) and I made him a yummy homemade dinner and bought him a favorite CD and we celebrated in our little, basement apartment--just the two of us. I still remember that Valentine's Day because it set the tone for the rest of them. They didn't have to be grandiose to be special. Just remembering each other was what mattered.

We decided that year that I would be in charge of Valentine's Day celebrations every year while Derek would be in charge of anniversary celebrations every year. That way each of us had an entire year to plan for the other person and there would never be any hurt feelings. It has worked beautifully. I look forward with great anticipation each year to planning a fun date for my Valentine.

This year I was able to surprise Derek. Last year, for one reason or another, he discovered every single thing I had planned as a surprise. But not this year! I reserved a racquetball court for us to play for an hour before we headed to dinner at Trader Vic's in Scottsdale. The food was super yummy and I had a sweet coupon through one of my new favorite discoveries: Groupon! If you don't know about it--you should. It's wonderful. Though, I do think you need to live in a large city to access the benefits.We finished off the night by watching the Olympics--my FAVORITE thing to watch every two years.

I love you Derek!!! Thanks for being a wonderful Valentine.

Oh, and earlier that day we took the kids to Goldfield, AZ, for a fun family outing (Thanks for the idea Alacey & Melissa). It's an old mining town that you can go and tour. Here are some recent photos.

We made shish kabobs at home (Owen was getting oil all over his clothes hence the lack of a shirt). These turned out super yummy--you should get the marinade recipe from me.

Since we had the coals all ready we toasted marshmallows for our Family Home Evening Treat.

Squeezing our HOME GROWN lemons for lemonade.

Goldfield, Arizona

The Superstition Mountains

Do the deed--do the time.


kjirsti said...

Look at your lemons! Congrats. Happy Valentines day. We love you!

Lyndsey said...

i am glad it was a fun date! we have been wanting to go to that old town as well. and we would love the marinade reciepe! happy v-day!

Ryan said...

I would love your shish-ka-bob recipe! We just got a grill and I am dying (but overwhelmed) to make kabobs.

A coupon fanatic, I am also excited to try groupons. Thanks for the tip!

Lacey said...

Glad you guys had fun in Goldfield. Our favorite part was the mining tour. Did you get to do that? The train was fun too but a little slow.

getti said...

looks like fun. I'm envious of your lemons.

Tiffini said...

what fun family stuff you have going on!

We've never been big about VDay either. Jason gets me my favorite flower: tulips and a chocolate something or other, and I get him card. Sweet and simple. Why get so worked up in a holiday that everyone else celebrates? We'd rather put the planning and money into our anniversary. And we do!

Tina said...

I remember this about you and Derek- that you are each in charge of planning Valentine's Day and your anniversary festivities. When I reminded Jon about that he said "Why don't we do that?!" It's an awesome idea. I told him he could get started with our anniversary plans anytime. :)

Your kids are growing up! I love Ryanna's big, wide smile and Owen's super blonde hair!

I'm going to email you my comment about the lemons. :)

Jack and Annie said...

Sounds like you all have been having a blast! Owen is looking like a little man, cute!

Jessica Martiele said...

My favorite part of that whole thing was seeing you guys all in SNOW COATS toasting marshmallows in your ARIZONA back yard. :)

Mama Corleone said... look great behind bars.

wackywilsons said...

Great idea to swap out traditions. It is evident that you two have a great marriage and I loved the shish kabobs! It helps that your kids are great models.

JenW said...

happy valentine's day! looks like you guys have been having fun times!

Lauren and Trevor said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

Lara said...

I love making a big deal out of Valentine's Day. I didn't much succeed this year, but I did my best.

Love all the pictures!