Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Activities

Labor Day dawns and of course everyone feels slightly sick and mostly sick and I don't want to do my exercises. So I cheat and we go on a "family walk" which means we walk a little and talk a lot to neighbors. Oh I'm definitely sweating by the end of the walk, but not because of exertion.
Why is it that my plans to rock as a parent and plan the most fun Labor Day in history--based around entertaining my kids and not entertaining me (I would be entertained by napping and venturing to Sonic)--never go as planned?
Within the first ten minutes of Labor Day dawning, my two year old has thrown three fits. I'm not exaggerating either. He has some serious bi-polar issues going on in his life right now. Plus, he has these HUGE lips he inherited from me and they are really extra good for pouting, so should I really stop that talent in action? When he isn't pouting about me asking him to do something really hard like not cough in my face, he's throwing a tantrum about how he can't perfectly kick a ball or his legs don't run fast enough. Seriously. He throws fits about how his legs don't run fast enough. What kind of a wacky perfectionist am I raising here?
We do manage the walk I mentioned, so part one of my plan is accomplished. Then, we hurriedly eat lunch to go to the dollar theatre to see Up. Only, we get there in time to be persons #1,467, 1,468, 1,469 and 1,470 in line with only one poor soul working the ticket booth. I quickly reassess and determine that we can get a Red Box movie and eat snacks at home.
The kids each pick their favorite snack--Ryanna picks popcorn and Owen picks dried fruit. Yes, dried fruit. Apparently there's some good parenting going on sometime at our home. I watch about 20 minutes of the movie and fall asleep.
Finally, we end the day by visiting Organ Stop Pizza. The kids love, love, love this place. The pizza's not Papa John's, but it's fine and the organ is really cool for the kids.
Whew, I'm ready for those kids to go to sleep! What a day.


DKAZ said...

Sounds like a perfect labor day to me! Kind of like the perfect Tuesday evening that is happening as we speak at my house. Gotta go break up a brawl!

JenW said...

it's so hard to have a great day sometimes. i am glad to know owen ever pitches a fit because i am convinced he is perfect while you've seen my kids at some of their worst times...ah..the sweet life. and i really mean that. it is pretty entertaining to me that he gets upset about not being able to have faster legs though, that's priceless!

Mama Corleone said...

It actually doesn't sound like too bad of a day, but I do get what you mean about good mothering intentions going be the wayside.

Lara said...

I'm with Debbie. Sounds wonderful! Minus the two-year-old tantrums, of course.

Lyndsey said...

I am glad we were able to join you for some of your day. I am sorry the rest of the day wasn't what you had hoped. One of these days we will have great plans and invite you guys. with my husband included.

Carianne said...

So apparently Rusty and I were #752 and #753 in line at the dollar theaters on Monday. We got in to see Up. (sorry) I would have let you guys cut in line. You really should see the movie though. Cute.

DKAZ said...

Hey you guys up for #2? 12:30 saturday. I didn't save your phone number.

Jessica Martiele said...

I'm sorry, the thing that stuck out to me was Organ Stop Pizza.

There's a place that calls themselves "the pizza store that will stop your internal organs?"

Oh...my...gosh. I mean, I knew pepperoni and cheese were fatty as heck, but to actually advertise your ability to kill? Is it just me, or is that a little over the top? :)