Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It All Started With One Phone Call

Me: "Hello?"
My Mom: "Hey. What're you doing?"

Me: "I'm getting my new dishwasher installed. What are you doing?"

My Mom: "I'm on my way to your house."

Me: "Wait, what?"
And that my friends is how our fun, quick weekend started. My mom and dad showed up in this:

For those of you who don't speak car this is a very, very fast Corvette. I'm talk 60 miles an hour in about 1/2 second. Almost faster than my Toyota minivan.
Then we did a little eating namely at such places as TC Eggington's, Jamba Juice and Chino Bandido (all in the same day).

We also did a little of this and I conquered with a very pitiful score which was barely over 100.

Then, just like Cinderella's gown turned into rags and her coach into a pumpkin, they disappeared on Sunday morning. They even took their race car with them. We were left with our minivan and clothes that barely fit due to the excess in consumption. It sure was fun though.


Micki said...

It is wonderful to get stuck in an airport where your grandchildren live. Who wouldn't volunteer to give up their seats and stay? Then to have grandpa rent a race car! (That is what Owen called it) The guys at In & Out really liked it to...Mike never was ask so many times by so many different people "Can I help you?" It was truely a GREAT weekend in the land of the sun. We love you and hope to see you soon! Mama Bear & Papa Mike

Mel said...

Did they rent that sweet ride or is it theirs? I'll bet the kids loved it!

Devin said...

NO WAY! I'm gonna die you gotta be kidding me. Haha I love yellow Corvettes! You gotta email that picture I'm gonna put it up in my room. Wow haha dang that's amazing.

Minharos said...

That sounds so fun, and I could really go for some TC Eggingtons right about now!

Jessica Martiele said...


Audrey said...

Sadly, it was just a rental. It was fun to drive though!

Kelli said...

Holy quick weekend!! I looks like it was a great time! Those are the type of weekends you wish would never end.

Jack and Annie said...

Ahh TC Eggingtons a great place to take guests! Aren't you glad we introduced you! ;)