Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Sc-Poop

Snatches of recent conversations heard around our household.

Last week I had to change Owen's poopy diaper--

Me: Owen! Yuck, this is the hugest poop!

Owen: Yeah! And Santa Claus brought it to me!

Me: Oh yeah? (laughing)

The next day and another poopy diaper--

Me: Holy cow Owen! This is a huge poop!

Owen: Yeah! A Huge Poop and Santa Claus brought it to me.

Me: He did huh?

Owen: (Gauging my reaction says) I'm a clever boy huh?

I have to brag a second here and say, "CLEVER???" How many two year olds know that word let alone know how to use it in correct context? His vocab always floors me.


Ryanna: Mom, I want to get out my scrapbook.

Me: Okay, that's fine.

Owen (who always parrots what Ryanna says): A Crapbook? You want to do your crapbook?

Me: No, it's ssssscrapbook.

Owen: Oh, sssss.......crapbook.

whatever... I do have to say that he doesn't know that was funny and I tried not to laugh to let on either.


Mariley Johnson said...

instead of a lump of coal your kids get a lump of poo?!

Too funny!

steve said...

Owen sounds very dignified and British, . . . well almost.

wackywilsons said...

just got caught up on your blog. WHEN ARE WE GETTING TOGETHER NOW THAT I LIVE HERE WITH YOU!!!!

I am dying to see you and meet your kids! Seriously, email me with your near future schedule.

Your post on granola was great, I think it definitely is healthier than just a cookie...and good for you for making it!

I will check out the spice thing. Who knew that spice shopping could be so fun and make you a popular and instant cook?

I also think that Owen is adorable, as well as seeing your grandpa straddle the ice cream maker...he is in great shape!

Let's make some real milkshakes together soon!

Dj,Megs,Trey,Pace said...

Hey I forgot what Vacuum you told me that you use on your wood floors. So I was wondering if you would tell me again. Thanks!

rachel said...

How funny! That would have been hilarious on video. I guess some stuff we get to laugh at only in real life. . . I hope all is well with you guys!

Lauren and Trevor said...

Hilarious. You know what they say, humor is a sign of intelligence. You've definitely got some bright kids on your hands.