Thursday, February 19, 2009

Talents, talents, talents

Each child has unique talents. Here is my little smorgasbord. I have to just grin from ear to ear when I watch this one:


Then I have to laugh at Owen for his decision of which number is the correct number to stop at. Why do we count to ten and stop anyway? And, of course, once you get your camera out, a child is never going to do exactly what you've seen them do a million times in a row.


Okay, take two:


Now, for the singing. Ryanna's teacher loves to teach them new songs and Ryanna loves to sing them to us. Sometimes we learn the words too. Sometimes we sing a verse or two and sometimes we leave in the middle. Either way, it's entertaining.


And, for those of you who just can't wait for the next installment of cuteness from my kids, wait till Saturday. There will be violin!


Dj,Megs,Trey,Pace said...

Your kids are so cute! Loved the videos

Lauren and Trevor said...

You kids have obviously inherited some really good genes! I've got Bryce here with me and he just loved watching the video of each kid. He sure misses playing with Owen.

Lauren and Trevor said...
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Sabina said...

Capriel has asked me to watch these videos over and over. You're kids are darling. We watched them together as a family and had a good laugh. Ryanna has so many facial expressions. What a kick.

steve said...

I never thought of laying on the couch as a talent, but I think I may have just discovered my first real talent!!!! Pretty cute videos though!!

kjirsti said...

Oh this made my day! Eli is such a cutie. I miss all of them! (Is that a table in the background- did you guys buy a dining room table? It looks nice!)

wackywilsons said...

How are you uploading your videos? They look great. You must be so proud of your sweet kiddos...I love it!