Friday, November 28, 2008

MY Idea of Black Friday

So, I didn't get up early to go to all the "doorbuster" sales this morning. I'm sorry, but 4 am? I am up at that time often these days, but it's with a nursing baby, not with piles of merchandise in my hands.
Seriously, why do these stores do this to themselves? I had never participated in these sales before last year. We live across the street from a Kohl's and they had some items I wanted, so I decided to go see what I could get. When I walked in and saw the line of people, I thought that they must be waiting in line for something other than to check out. Surely that was it. Then I walked through the store and the two lines cross each other. What is this?
Needless to say, I shopped for about an hour and waited in line for over three hours. THREE HOURS!!! I am happy to say that one of those items was my Hoover Floormate that cleans my wood floors and saves me a lot of work, but it was still a ridiculous wait for that price.
My idea of Black Friday? Trust me, someone out there is going to read this and someday you'll see something like this soon.
Rules for MY Black Friday:
1. If you show up before 11 in the morning, you pay double for your items.
2. You can choose to peruse through the store for your items, or for a small fee you can have a personal shopper locate all of your items while you kick back and get a pedicure, massage or sip a smoothie (or hot chocolate)!
3. The sale prices remain the same all day and you can get a raincheck if we run out of what you want.
4. You can bring your husband and he can sit in our football/basketball (HUGE flatscreen) relaxation room.
5. Bring your kids too, there's free babysitting!
6. Last, but not least, the sales associates would be friendly and knowledgable. (Okay maybe this one is the most unrealistic of all).
Trust me, this is the store of the future. I'd shop there for sure!


Mariley Johnson said...

i thought long and hard about hitting Walmart this morning. glad I didn't after reading about the tragic chaos in NY.
I like your idea.

Lara said...

While I seriously like your idea of black friday, it's worth it to me to get up so early knowing how much money I save. I've skipped it a couple of years when there was just nothing worth going out for.

Walmart was actually the most pleasant and quick shopping experience for me today. Target was an absolute nightmare.

Lacey said...

I worked yesterday 4am. Thankfully I was only there until 10am. No big deal. When I got to Kohl's I asked the first person in line how long they had been there...since 2am! NOT WORTH IT TO ME!

My MIL and SIL went to Arizona Mills. They opened their doors at midnight. Which I think is much better than 4am! UGH!

And, I agree with all of your rules with the EXCEPTION of would say that about everyone except me RIGHT?!?!

What did you guys end up doing for Thanksgiving? I never asked you!

Cari.Ryan Florence said...

I actually went to target and got there about 30 min. before they opened. I got all of the things I wanted and was in and out in 20 min. FABULOUS! Target seems to have their stuff down because they had millions of check outs open so no one had to wait. I'd never go to walmart though. I heard people bashed into other people with their carts... SCARY!

JenW said...

i didn't go so early, but i did go out, and it was okay. maybe the mayhem had passed by then? scary what people will do to get a tickle me elmo for half price!

rachel said...

I Braved it and I carried my little kimball in his sling there were power wheels boxes being hurled over our heads and I went for a 30 dollar leapster and I went down the wrong isle and they were completely out by the time I came back to the right one (maybe two minutes later) total sadness. Although I did get the thirty dollar bikes. Which I guess is cool. I like your idea much better patent it and have your husband (agent) get a contract going.

JLJ said...

The best idea is the raincheck. I get that they can't sell an unlimited amount of TV's for $100 but the smaller things shouldn't be that hard to keep in stock. I didn't get to Target until the afternoon and ALL of the 3.89 and 5.89 DVDs were gone. So I took the ad to Walmart and got all the ones I wanted for the same price.

Heather said...

I'd shop there too.. This is the FIRST year in my life that I went shopping on Black Friday. And I'm pretty sure it will be my last. And I rolled out of bed at 7:45. It still about killed me. I just don't think the deals are worth it.. but I guess I didn't really go with a certain thing in mind.. but if I did.. and the store had run out.. I would be totally 'T-O'd' so I think it best that I just steer clear of the Black Fri.

Hey.. are guys going to be in ML for Christmas by any chance? We are. if you are I totally want to get together! I know it's a long shot but I had to ask :)

The Zookeeper said...

You are a genius!

CC said...

I've only tried it once back in 2005, and for me, never again! Though I got all of my shopping done at Target in one hour and got out in 15 minutes after paying, (we got there @ 6:30AM), I still shudder at the memories of seeing other store parking lots flooded with cars and people lining up in the cold. That's just not for me!

Because of that, by the time we got here to TX, we started a new tradition of 3 family gifts in December and January shopping spree. Saved my sanity like no other!

When that future store opens up, maybe I'll change my mind... :P