Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Book Club Rules

These are the Rules of Ryanna's Book Club:
I will write them out for you~
1. No Brudrs ulood No Brothers allowed
2. No keking the wols No kicking the walls
3. Dot tac sufhing too Don't take something too
4. No keking yor feet No kicking your feet
5.No being unmodest I think that one's pretty clear
6. No gum
7. B Qiet Be Quiet
To make these rules more clear, you must understand that the Book Club was held outside in a tent which was formed by two kitchen chairs covered by a not quite big enough blanket. As a parent, you can see what these rules revealed about that particular day (interpretation matches each number above):
1. She was not getting along with Owen.
2. Owen had attempted to enter the Book Club and had been kicking down the walls.
3. Owen had been ordered out of the Book Club and escaped with contraband.
4. As preventative maintenance for the club, kicking feet of any kind would no longer be permitted. It was fun while it lasted.
5. This is the influence of good parenting showing.
6. This is the influence of school rules seeping in.
7. We're reading in this dark tent, trying to ruin our eyesight. We don't need you screaming and ruining our hearing too.
All in all, I'd say she has a great future as a dictator ahead of her.
Then, there are these notes, that I just absolutely love. See interpretation below:

I love you. You are the best Mom ever to me. You are skinny and fabulous and a great cook and I miss you every time I'm away.

The end.


Lara said...

Hey, I'm impressed she has a book club in the first place! Love her rules.

jayne said...

I think I need those rules at my book club too. Um, do you think she'd write me such a nice letter too? I could use a boost to the post-pregnancy self esteem.

Scott & Tami said...

How precious is that!!! You have a smart on on your hands.

kjirsti said...


JenW said...

SAVE THAT! what a smart girl...and very complimentary...i miss you every time i'm away too;)

Ruth Petersen said...

Adorable, What A sweetie.

Jessica Martiele said...

The best part was the modesty part, hands down...you're really raising a Mormon family. :) I must confess, though, I figured you were going to explain that after being cast out, Owen stripped down and darted back inside to her great dismay. No such luck. :) No, no, no, no, wait...maybe the best part was your translation of her note. That gave me the smile I needed for today...thanks. :)

Lacey said...

AWWWW how sweet! I've missed since I've been away too!

Julie said...

How appropriate that you've got a book club post up when I popped over here to talk about books! I think you've got Ryanna well on her way to being a true bookie. ;)

I finally finished The Historian, and you were so right. In the beginning of the book, I was intrigued and even a little scared. I wasn't sure I wanted to be reading in the dark by myself. But then things started to go downhill quickly (well, as quickly as it can with over 300 pages to go) when the "evil librarian"
showed up in Istanbul. Describing the end as anticlimactic would be an understatement. Sigh.

I loved the cute pics of the big sis and the baby and the Halloween costumes. I am glad that you all seem to be doing well.

Life in the circus said...

How funny! I especially love you "interpretation" of her note to you :)

wackywilsons said...

Only a cute and intelligent girl would do that! Book club for girls! I am impressed with her ability to even write...was she reading before kindergarten? You are a good mama!

The Halloween pics were great. What a cute peacock costume...and I love the new shots of Eli. Is he eating and sleeping well?

Tiffini said...

What every mom wants to hear! I'm with Lara, I'm impressed that she started a book club.

Your kids are so beautiful, Audrey!
I love the pictures.

CC said...

Great interpretation, mom! You do know your kids very well... Bravo! :P

Good job, Ryanna!