Saturday, March 22, 2008

This is how we do March Madness

So, it has already begun and some of my upsets have been awesome in the first round. There's always those that don't work out either though. This is by far my worst year only getting 23 correct in the first round. Oh well. I just love March Madness. It's great to see a close game where the leads change and you're rooting your heart out. Derek and I fill out brackets every year and I've beat him all but last year. I don't know if I'm going to do it again though. Even Owen has gotten into the excitement.


Yesterday he would watch the games with me and then run outside and grab a ball and stand under his hoop and throw it up as hard as he could--which isn't far considering his short legs. He sure loves to shoot it though.


(I know, I know, it's sideways--I tried to save it turned and blogger won't let me. Oh brother.)


SHERI said...

I didn't know you were a sports fan! I have no idea what you were talking about in this post! Fill out brackets? That is how much I know about March Madness.

We missed you this morning at the egg hunt.

Heather said...

I'm March Madness retarded, but it really does sound like fun! Owen's a cutie :)

kjirsti said...

I LOVE YOUR KIDS! Why don't we live closer?!

JM said...

ok, so tell're a chick, so you'll be able to explain it properly. WHAT IS MARCH MADNESS??? thanks! :)

Zim Family said...

I picked Davidson to beat Georgetown and am feeling pretty awesome right now. Too bad I had Pitt in the Final Four though. Dangit! I love March Madness. Adds some fun to my day!!

Toons said...

You are too too funny! Would've never guessed that B-Ball was on in your house too!! We watch it all - not by my choice, although I am learning to appreciate it more and more.
Owen sounds like one of our kids! When my Kylee was only 9 months old - she could sit with Dad and watch an entire game of ANY sport. No complaints, whining or crying!

DONNA said...

Happy Easter, Petersen family!!! We had the whole family (minus our missionary in Brazil) with us for the first round of March Madness!!! Oh ya, baby!! Kelli and I are kickin' Jarom's trash right now. Usually she does it single-handedly but for some weird reason, this year I picked 'em a little better. Five years ago, Kelli won the pool at DMEA (my work) and as soon as she was finished delivering Anika she found out she had money to start a savings account for her new baby!! March Madness....a great time of year because it means spring is right around the corner (for those states that have a cool winter).

Missed you at just wasn't the same without Ryanna and Owen.

Lacey said...

Christopher filled out a bracket at work...he sais he's not doing so great so far...we shall see! College anything isn't very fun unless LSU is involved!

Kelli said...

I think it is awesome you are beating Derek. If he is anything like Jarom he has to watch ESPN to help him with his bracket, and then he still gets it wrong!! I am beating Jarom, girl power!

Maybe Owen will be a future NBA superstar!