Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Man-nny

So, I had a Manny this last weekend (Man--Nanny). He was selected from a large pool of applicants in the Kansas City area. His qualifications made him stand out above the rest--six feet tall, red hair, skinny--oh yeah, he's my brother too.
My manny is the youngest child, so he's not used to being adored. For those of you who come to visit us, let this post serve as a warning, that my daughter, Ryanna, will love you and she will let you know that by being by your side from the minute she wakes up until we force her into her bedroom to go to sleep. I don't think Keithie (we were on a first name basis my manny and me) is used to being worshipped like this although he did handle it well.
It started on the drive from the airport to the zoo. (I really mean the actual Phoenix zoo--this is not a coy reference to my house.) Keith and I were talking in the front seat and from the back would come her little voice,
"Um, hey, Uncle Keith?"
Keith would respond, "Yes, Ryanna?"
Ryanna: "Did you know that I have a silver tooth?"
Keith: "No, that's good Ryanna."

Keith and I would commence talking only to be interrupted a few minutes later, "Um, Uncle Keith?"
Keith: "Yes, Ryanna?"
Ryanna: "Did you know that I can play the violin?"
Keith: "Yes, that's good Ryanna."

Then, we got to the zoo where Keith hauled Ryanna up and down the trails on his shoulders. She loved every second even if the elephants, orangutan, tiger and rhinocerous were hiding in their cages due to the cold. (Sidenote--does anyone else say orangutan-g or am I the only one in America mispronouncing that word?)

When we ate at In-N-Out Burger, she had to sit right beside him. (Note to self--I consumed more food at the restaurant than manny did--hiring him based on food consumption would be a wise move.)

When manny awoke the next morning, what to his wondering eyes should appear but a four year old standing beside his couch waiting patiently for him to awake to read her stories. Afterward, she asked him to color with her for an hour. She colored her pictures exactly like his. As soon as he'd set down a marker, she'd pick it up, look at his page and copy it.

We also played a little of Settlers of Catan. Manny did great for a newbie. I had to beat him and Derek several times just for fun. We hope he comes back, so we can beat him, I mean play with him some more.

Ahhh yes, my manny was put to the test, but secretly, I think that he loved it. He even squeezed me orange juice. Yes manny, if you're reading this, you're hired.


JenW said...

that is super cute, when kids get attached like that. i know it might be borderline annoying to some, but i remember BEING the little kid attached to people and i just think the world of those people now for putting up with me:) how fun!

Kelli said...

How fun to have Keithie come visit! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a manny around for reals? Looks like you guys had a great time!

Toons said...

Don't we love the younger siblings?!?! My baby sis comes to visit (she is away at school) and my kids LOVE hanging on her and talking to her!
Glad you had a fun visit with family and that Ryanna is close to her uncle!!

Lacey said...

I didn't know your brother was coming to visit....looks like fun! It is always so nice when our kids enjoy spending time with other people...especially when your around...which is why I can't wait for my mom to come visit! It will be a fabulous 3 weeks of Elodie wanting more of my mom than me....even if I will have a newborn that will want more of me than anyone else!
Cute slide...

mmhamblin said...

Sounds like fun! I love the pictures.

Crazymamaof6 said...

pretty fun visit! and any adult attention is always sought after! so cute! love the slide show and the name manny! man -nanny fabulous!

"The Man-nny" said...

Dear Audrey,

Just so you know it was fun being a Man-nny for you for the extended time period of 3 days and I will remember to put this on my resume from now on. I also hope Ryanna and Owen had a good time and I really hope they enjoy the movies. I would like to say I was the Victor of our last settlers game but it would seem that my superior skills made you and Derek feel threatened so I was was excluded from all trades allowing a tough loss but none the less fun.

Love always,