Sunday, January 6, 2008

Can't We Just Get Along?

So, I watched some of the debates last night. I didn't see the whole discussion/debate/fight (whatever term you think fits best) for either side, but I did see portions of each. What I did see, I didn't like. It's really hard for me to watch other people fight and attack each other. It makes me really uncomfortable and sometimes angry if I think it's unjustified. I do much better reading about such things later, but it is good to watch the debates and know how much everyone hates each other, I mean and learn what the issues are. Maybe the TV writers union is in cahoots with the candidates and they are writing the script.
Can you see some of the roles?
Hilary--you're going to play the nasty, manish-looking woman who keeps citing her husband's success as your own success.
Edwards--we want you to incessantly talk about your roots--how you came from humble beginnings and then we'll get some old people to play your parents.
Thompson--you will be the District Attorney who runs for president, wait a second, this is sounding eerily imitating life or something like that.
I realize that Mitt Romney didn't win Iowa and currently the polls are placing him in second again in New Hampshire, but what is the deal with every other candidate attacking him like that? I think that people--that being the other candidates and the media--are bothered that there are no crazy skeletons in his closet--no mistresses, no drug use, no posing for Playboy (wait, that last one would be the other issue that faces young teen stars today not Presidential hopefuls right?).
So, since there is none of that to attack, what's left other than to constantly talk about his religion? Yeah, I'm sick of it being the main issue. Come on, he's not running for Prophet, he's running for President. Do we seriously live in a day and age where people are still weirded out by people being LDS? Is it really true that 60% of the voters in Iowa voted for Huckabee because he was NOT Mormon? That's definitely a wise choice--let's put him in the Oval Office because he was once a preacher, but we don't like Romney because of religious reasons. Sorry, but who are these Iowa people? Did the Nazis come out for their caucus or the real voters?

You know, I live where McCain is in office. I have not heard of him doing anything wonderful lately to make this state better. I have heard from multiple sources that he had an affair on his wife though. Maybe it's because I'm a woman or even more so because I'm a wife, but if you can't be faithful to your wife, why would I trust you to lead my country? I really thought he just seemed angry at the debate. He seemed angry and Fred Thompson looked really old. I like Fred Thompson because he was on Law & Order--I wonder if I should base my voting on my TV tastes--Iowa voters based theirs on their religion, why not TV choices then? Wait, which candidate likes pizza the most--maybe I'll base it on that.

And, since I have a problem with McCain for his marital indiscretions, I REALLY have a problem with Guiliani--did I spell that right? Doesn't matter, if he ends up as the Republican candidate no one will need to know how to spell his name.

Now, as for the Democrats, I was surprised to only see four of them. I guess I figured there were actually some people I hadn't heard of running still. Now, here's what bugged me about that debate...

Hilary's constant phrase, "When I'm elected..." Does she keep a pschologist on staff or maybe she's talked to the people that run those subliminal ads at the movies that tell your subconscious, "popcorn, soda, candy, popcorn, soda, candy..." Whatever, it didn't work for me. I don't like the phrase, it makes me feel like I don't have a choice.

The New Mexico Governor, what was his name Richards or something? Was there not a single person on his staff kind enough to tell him, "STOP hitting the table in front of you!!!" Seriously, everything he said sounded like this, "We (pound) have (pound) to (pound) think (pound)..." You get the picture. I did like that the first thing he said was how they shouldn't argue with each other, it made him look nice. Maybe he likes pizza?

As for Obama, I really like the tone of his voice. Seriously, you might not like him, but he has such a great voice. I say if he doesn't win, we ask him to sing at the Inaugural address or maybe give the speech for whomever does win. Would that be so bad?

The funniest thing I thought was when Hilary started attacking Obama and she cited Edwards for backing twice. Then, when Edwards did finally comment, he attacked her. Oh, it was great fun. I thought she was going to pass out. Did you see her furiously scribble on her notepad, "Dig up dirt on Edwards for next debate."

All in all, it was nice to have a break from hearing about Britney Spears and whatever crazy thing she's done the last five minutes. Maybe she should run and then we could have voters voting because they like or dislike her music. No wait, maybe she should be the VP candidate for Fred Thompson and they could run on the triple threat ticket?

It'll be interesting to see how the rest of this process plays out. Maybe we should put Mitt and Huckabee head to head in a scripture chase? That might swing the Iowa voters to finally want to vote for him?
And they wonder why people don't want to go into politics...


Lacey said...

You crack me up! It's so true seems like the only plan any of the candidates have is bringing out the worst in the competitors! It's annoying...oh and the commercials!!! UGH!!

Trevor and Lauren said...

I didn't get to watch the debate but your description of it was better than any recap I could see on the news!

Tina said...

Still laughing. Your commentary on the debate was way more entertaining and accurate than any other piece I have read today. I agree with you about Sen Obama (who is my senator by the way), he has a nice voice and is very charismatic, but I'm leary. What happened the last time we elected a truely charismatic person to the office of the president? Mmmm- can anyone say "Monica Lewinski"?

I have only watched the Republicans, I'm going to watch the Democrat side tonight. Looking forward to some quality entertainment.

Miss you, Audrey!

Bethany said...

Ha ha! I will vote for mitt, although says that Fred Tompson and I are a better match. I just dont think I could vote for someone so weird looking.

Kelli said...

Whoa Audrey!! Do you have something to say? At this house we are voting for Mitt, in fact we have our "Vote Mitt" sign in our front yard.

I agree those debates/fights do get heated, and they even make me feel a little uncomfortable sometimes too! I will be glad when a president is elected, lets pray it isn't Hillary! And, all of this political bashing can stop for a little while.

P.S. I loved the comparison between Fred Thompson and Britney, very fitting!

DONNA said...

What a riot!!!! Pretty good re-cap on what happened. Mitt Romney is the man...I think. He is to business and finance what Elvis is to Rock'n Roll. The US has the longest drawn out process for electing a leader of any country in the world. Too bad that we spend so much money on that...we could actually buy a carbon credit (yuck)! Love your sense of humor!:)

Crazymamaof6 said...

team mitt here! the whole not a mormon thing is totally peeving me. that bites. did you know Huckabee raised spending in his state over his term of office? AND released murderers from prison. winner. i wonder if they told the people in Iowa that? and i too am not a fan of John McCain! i haven't gotten into it too much just because all of it gets me riled up. you are hilarious! i think i am adding a team Mitt logo to my blog.

SHERI said...

your so funny- but seriously - maybe I am imature- but I laugh at the name Huckabee. President Huckabee???? It just sounds too strange to me.

citymama1 said...

Very witty and insightful. I watched the rerun today on the Republican's and had a lot of the same thoughts you did. Poor Mitt. He kept his composure, though and looked the most presidential of the bunch. Ron Paul looked like a drowned Rat. I was actually pretty impressed with Giuliani despite his womanizing past. Maybe he's repented? :)

I haven't watched the Democratic debate yet, but it's safely tucked away on my DVR. I think I'll probably sign on with the Dems while I'm here in Nevada since I didn't register in time to Caucus with the Reps. I'm voting for Hilary, though. (at least in this round) Girl power! :)

Allen, Erica, Ryder, Linley said...

That post was hilarious and completely accurate! Allen and I really enjoyed this set of debates...even though I wanted to beat up McCain a few times for messing with Mitt. Mitt still stands so far above the rest in terms of presidentiality (is that a word)?? We are doing his call from home today. If Hillary becomes President I may die. Her freak out after Edwards was too much for me. What would happen if Bin Laden insulted her? No, she needs to stay far, far away from the white house..crazy woman.

Astrodon Johnstoni said...

Loved your post. I'm cryin' because you are right on about Bill Richardson. Love him, but the man needs somebody to tie his arms behind his back when he speaks.

Heather said...

I feel guilty because I am not as up on this presidential race as I should be. I am repenting and hope to say something far more intellectual next time.

PS: That picture of Brittney is scary!!

DKAZ said...

Genius! And no, not much has changed since church history least in Iowa.

Isn't it weird just how old Thompson looked AND sounded. At one point I kinda thought he may have nodded off.

Without conventional media and if you could see through all of the crap flying-Mitt did great.

Lara said...

I hate this part of elections. I couldn't even stand watching the debates the other night, so I busied myself with other things and paid a little attention while Joel watched.

I am a Romney supporter, and not because he's Mormon. Seriously, all those political quizzes people send? Romney is always my number one after I say what I think. So there you go.

Can't even stand Huckabee. If he is the Republican nominee I'm moving to Romania. Joel can come if he wants.

Heather said...

Dang you're funny girl! You really make me laugh.

Carianne said...

I appreciate you being informed. So many people I talk to don't even know who is running for President. Did you see the prayer circle of Huckabee supports in Iowa? Kinda made me sick.

wackywilsons said... are so darn eloquent with your speech and writing...I bet that took you 5 minutes to type out and freely express yourself. what a talent!!!

My cousin is on the Mitt Romney campaign back in D.C and I know what a quality man he is...if only the rest of the USA did! I figure, if God wants him to win, he will....but, because I did miss the debates, I appreciate your update on it!

This is my first time using internet at my house:) hoo ray! I will get up more pics and blogs up now...

The house in AZ....sorry I forgot to tell you...we have renters in it, we couldn't get it sold for close to market value. So, they are in for a year (in November)...hopefully we can sell it to them then, or someone else?

Now if only we could get our nasty contractor to fix the cracked foundation, not to mention finish up any details he never did....what a mess!

What's up with me and all of these house issues???

Lauren and Trevor said...

I think you may have a new bright career ahead of you as a political analyst.