Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our Summer in Review

Our summers are only six weeks long with Ryanna's school schedule being a modified year round schedule. We managed to pack a lot of fun into that short time. I was feeling really overwhelmed with documenting it, so I did a very quick recap with photos.

The boys took a cake decorating class and LOVED it. You can see the dinosaurs that they made here. 

 Ryanna did a dance camp with the theme of Green. It was really cute and she was dressed up for mismatch and crazy day in this picture.

This picture really fits Caleb's personality. Waving a sword in one hand while biting off the head of a turtle. He is our maniac child. We love every loud and crazy second of him.

 Owen woke up at his usual early hour and wanted to run through our sprinklers. Why not?

 Can you see the fun exuding from his pores?

 Ryanna was given tickets by her grandparents to see Le Cirque by Cirque de Soleil for her birthday. We went and were amazed at every single act. 

 This is one of the rock formations in Monument Valley--on our way to Lake Powell. 

 This is the road we drove up just past Valley of the Gods. It was just a teeny bit scary.

 Owen driving the boat with Papa Mike.

 Cruising for adventure!

 Mmm--I love sand. Maybe this is where he picked up hand, foot, mouth?

 So, I said I would pay her $10 if she could catch a fish without a pole. See that fish? She actually caught two and then tried to renegotiate terms. Can you tell I'm raising a lawyer's daughter?

 Eli is getting ready to slide down the water slide on the back of the house boat.

 Ryanna and her cousin Samantha met for the first time in their lives and they were best of friends.

 The biggest Crappie that Gram has ever caught. Ryanna is her lucky charm.

 All of the grandkids in one place. Patiently waiting for...

 The pinata!!! Do you see that intense focus? He was the first person to crack the pinata made of steel.

 Eli helped Gram to wash her hair.

 We stayed in Colorado for a week with my grandparents. They have this really cool rock in their front yard, so we did some action shots.

 I'm training him to be an action hero.

 The grass really is greener in Colorado.

 We love our Papa. He makes us homemade ice cream every time we visit. 

 This picture accurately portrays what it's like trying to get a photo with my kids. Ryanna was ready with a huge smile, Owen is looking in the opposite direction and before I can snap the photo Caleb pulls Ryanna's hair.

 Did I mention that we get to ride the 4 Wheeler when we visit?

 Waiting for the 4th of July Parade to start.

 Visiting the Ute Indian Museum.

 Beautiful and happy in Red!

 We also get to ride a red tractor.

 We love Pop & Gram!

 Gram drives the 4 Wheeler too. In our family the women drive--takes a strong man to handle that I've learned. 

 Dad with his iphone--Caleb happened to be there too.

 I love this tree in my grandparents' yard. It took some hard winds during its growth. It just looks so artistic to me. I'm not good enough to do it justice. 

 We made slime one day. Green, blue and pink!

 If it's raining in AZ you better get a coat. I mean, it might drop to 107 or something.

 First day of 4th grade and Kindergarten!!!

My baby turned one. I love the happiness and giggles this picture captures.


Amelia Poll said...

Your kids are growing so fast. I realize it's been well over three years since I've seen them in person, but they seems to have grown even faster. What a beautiful, fun family. And what a fun summer!

Lacey said...

I am amazed that you managed to capture the last 2 months in one post! Loved all the pictures!

JenW said...

love it! lots of fun and love going on there!

rachel said...

What an awesome summer! You did some major traveling/fun having. Since reading about "Lake Pal" in the Seriously SO Blessed blog I have always wondered what it looked like.
Do you like being on the year round system?