Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Who-ville Village

Pounds of gingerbread--1,500+
Pounds of chocolate--250+
Pounds of nuts and dried fruit--250+
Pounds of candies and gumdrops--250+
Number of hours to create--800+
Dimensions 40 feet x 25 feet

Hot Air Who Balloon

This carousel was turning around and around

A delicious chocolate car? Who care about the gas mileage riding in this thing?

We're into fighting poses in our house.

This is not supposed to be possible right?

We just went and visited a really cool site here in Phoenix. There is a replica of the Dr. Seuss Who-ville Village at the JW Marriott Resort. The kids and I couldn't believe the colors, creativity and enormity of the whole thing. We all agreed it was worth the drive.


rachel said...

Very Cool! That takes some talent.

Lacey said...

SO fun! I want to go!! Do they do this every year?

Jacqueline said...


JenW said...

that is AWESOME! if they do it again, i want to go!!!!

wackywilsons said...

Count me in next time! But, only if I can eat it too :)

DKAZ said...

Hey, glad you guys saw this too. We really liked it! Just barely got around to posting about it too. I think I'm finally caught up on my December posts. :)