Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crafty Like a Mormon--Not Like Satan

This was the week to be crafty!!! I made five different crafts--I didn't take a picture of the Give Thanks banner, but it too is just perfect. Thanks so much to my friend Jen for making this all happen. You are so crafty--in a good way!

Nativity Blocks that the kids can play with.

Subway Art

Christmas tree

Gobble, Gobble


rachel said...

I really love that wood block christmas tree. Darling! Way to go on the functional nativity I need one of those for sure too! Great ideas!

JenW said...

love it! they all turned out so cute:) great job!

Amelia Poll said...

Love them all. I'm jealous :) I also love the little one sitting in his bumbo, munching on his hands in the background of the first picture ;o)

Lacey said...

Had SO much fun making our subway art! I love you Audrey and i'm so thankful for friends like YOU!! Until March...hopefully sooner! ;)

Annie said...

I am impressed! Love the subway art!

wackywilsons said...

love those blocks! Being crafty and a mom at the same time with kids running wild...that is serious skill