Friday, January 14, 2011


When Derek and I ventured down to Cancun in August, I brought along the first season of LOST. Neither of us had watched it while it was on TV, but a lot of our friends had enjoyed it, so I thought that while we were resting in the evenings (it's a lot of work drinking daiquiris and lounging by the pool) we could watch it.
Needless to say that we became addicted. I mean to say that we just finished all six years of this series last night. Though it seems like a lot of TV to watch, we actually watched quite a few episodes on our computer, so that doesn't count. Plus, without commercials, a LOST episode is only just over 42 minutes.
Now, as we were watching the very last episode last night, I couldn't help but thinking, "What?" as the last scene ended. That Jack was dead I got. That everyone with him in the church was dead also made sense. However, what confused me was the individual deaths of each person that met on the island. Did they all just die when the plane first crashed? That seems pretty lame. Did they all die when Juliette exploded the bomb? Maybe... Luckily for me, there are several sites out there that offer up explanations for all of this and after reading them, I feel much more enlightened.
I do have to wonder, since a show's producers can never know how long a show will last, if the intended purpose of the show was how it turned out. I loved all of the character flashbacks from their lives--whether their lives before the plane crash or their "lives" after death before they reunited. I just think that originally, the show was probably going to just feature the Others and go from there. I definitely give props to the producers who were brilliant enough to tie so many different things together. I wish all shows made me think like this.


Lacey said...

We did the same thing last summer- just watched them every chance we got! SO GOOD! My outlook on the show was to not think too much into it....just accept it for what it was..otherwise it was going to drive me crazy with all the possibilities!

Jacqueline said...

David watched it mostly on the computer and he was very upset at the end. He said there were many questions not answered and it was upset that it ended as it did. As a result he changed his mind about getting the DVD's.
I never took to Lost so i watched the first episode and the last. Seemed like the Titanic ending to me.

Lolly said...

I was pretty disappointed with the ending. All of that build up just to find out they were dead. People were guessing that from the very beginning. I think they could have done better.

Amelia Poll said...

From the beginning of the series they only intended it to be 6 seasons, so the producers knew what they were getting themselves into from day one.

I am still unsure how I felt about the ending, but I guess it is what it is.

Lauren and Trevor said...

Sounds pretty deep, at least at the end.