Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Rest of It All

So, I know you've all been checking my blog every day saying, "When is she going to post about the rest of her vacation!?!?" Sighing and eating lots of junk food at your frustration with my lack of consistent posting. There's a very good reason I haven't finished. The pictures are trapped.

Do you remember the dark ages when cameras actually used film? My kids certainly don't understand it. I took a waterproof camera on our trip to Cancun to use on our trip out to snorkel with the whale sharks. Yes, SHARKS!!! That's the kind of woman I am--I drive five miles over the speed limit, I always save room for dessert and I swim with sharks. A lesser person would've just viewed those namby-pamby tropical fish, but not me--I say give me sharks or give me nothing!

So, they are super huge and their mouths are about 3-4 feet wide with about 5.2 billion teeth (would I exaggerate?) that look like they could eat you in one gulp, but they don't because they are almost vegetarian choosing to slurp on plankton instead.

(See the size of the guy next to this thing? I told you they were HUGE!)
So, those pictures of that whale shark that I swam beside--I say it in singular sense because I was only able to stop myself from vomiting long enough to see one (maybe two?) whale shark(s) before I had to get back into that rocking, rocking boat of misery--are trapped on that water proof camera and I haven't finished taking the rest of the pictures yet, so I'll have to find some on the internet and post them for you and you can pretend like I took them. (See all photos in this post.)

Let me give you some advice though--Dramaine doesn't work for serious sea sickness. I had eleven "incidents" to tell you that it doesn't work. Each incident involved about 5 up and outs and that my friends is the best ab workout on the planet. You may think you can crunch your way to perfect abs, but really, just get yourself about four miles out to sea and you will soon see your abs look rock hard--except you'll be way too sick to appreciate any of it.

I do have to say that the whale sharks were amazing!!! I wish that I could've appreciated them more, but I was a bit under the weather. However, there were about 50 of them where we were and they are huge, gentle giants that everyone should appreciate--from the shore, where things stay still just like they are supposed to.


JenW said...

ohhhh...that would have been AWESOME! i am sorry you got sick though, kendall gets sick on water too...i don't know if i do...i should totally go on a cruise and test this out:)

Dahly Mama said...

Oh my gosh, Audrey!! For some reason I have been out the know (or touch with reality???), but I did not know you ended up going to Mexico!! What a trip!!! Wow!! Wanting to go there way bad,now!! (like that grammar?) And FYI, just going deep sea fishing in Monterrey (what like a mile or two off shore??) I had to heave my guts a few times- AFTER having taken dramamine! I was ticked!! No one else in my family did, but me!! Still would be awesome to go whale shark viewing, puking and all! I'd do it!

JLJ said...

What are those bright spots on it?

Sorry about being sick. As a fellow sea-sick-sufferer I deeply sympathize.

Lauren and Trevor said...


wackywilsons said...

I don't think I can handle how big and enormous those things are...

I might have nightmares about it tonight, just the thought of swimming next to them