Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's Good For Me?

Because my husband spent a lot of money on these: photo of shoes

I now spend my nights doing this: picture of a group of runners

(I'm the one in the front of course!)

Which helps me to avoid doing this: picture of a girl stuffing her face with cinnamon rolls

Except when I go to Costco and they are selling these: picture of fancy caramel apples

Oh Costco! What a love/hate relationship we have with each other. How is it that I usually have a list of about four items and I never seem to leave without spending at least $80?
What I should do is buy Costco stock. Why didn't I think of that about a million years ago?


Steph Bowen said...

I want the one with the gummy bears... no, no, no... I want the one of the ones with the white chocolate in the back. Actually, I'll take one of each. MMmmmmm.

Lauren and Trevor said...

Is Derek running as well?

JenW said...

wow..i think i'll have to NOT go to costco tomorrow just so i WON'T buy some of those apples...they look amazing! good job for running!

Lyndsey said...

are you training for a race or just mixing things up? i really want one of those apples! it is a good thing we shop at different costcos because i haven't seen those at mine and that is good for me because i would cave!!

JLJ said...

No wonder you looked so skinny at the library!

(OK, I did NOT see those at Costco. Please direct me to the nearest candied apple....)

Heather said...

Hey! We're in town! If you're open this week email me and we can hang out..maybe swim at my mom's?

Meridith said...

Way to go Audrey! I want the weather to cool down some more and then maybe I'll do some running too.