Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just the Way You Are!

A couple curious readers have asked what I scored for Mother's Day. I think my gifts show a perfect reflection that my husband loves me just the way I am (think Billy Joel here). Here's what I got:

  • A dozen red roses the night before Mother's Day
  • Dishtowels
  • Dove peanut butter & chocolate treats
  • A homemade frame, book and butterfly from Ryanna
  • The Biggest Loser Cardioblast Workout

Now, before anyone goes nuts with the idea that my husband would buy me a workout tape for a gift and all of the hidden messages that sends--just stop. This isn't Father of the Bride--remember that blender and how it almost ruined the impending marriage? It really and truly is a great gift and I'll tell you why.

I love to exercise. Okay, maybe that's a lie. I like the way I feel when I'm done exercising. I like feeling like I pushed myself and worked my muscles and did something a little bit (or a lot) tough. I don't have a gym membership, but I do exercise every morning. Okay, every weekday morning anyway.

I rented this Biggest Loser workout video from the library to give it a try. I'm not going to deny that I was a bit cocky about the whole thing. I mean, those people are really, really big, so how hard could it be? Well, one of the really neat things about this tape is that it has several different options for how you want to exercise. Since I've been working out for months and months, I selected the hardest option. It did not disappoint. They aren't kidding when they say it's all cardio. It was great. I could hardly breathe at the end of the second section of cardio.

Now, what kind of mixed signal is it to get me a bag of chocolates to go with an exercise video. Well, in my world it isn't at all. It's my husband's way of noticing that I wanted a new video to do and knowing that I also have a very large sweet tooth that needs to be satiated as well. If anything, it shows me that he loves me Just the Way I Am. You know, go ahead and eat up, I don't care one little bit if you exercise, but since you loved this tape, I noticed and got it for you.

I do have to say that my husband has become better and better in our marriage at noticing comments I make and mentally storing those ideas for later. I love that he tries super hard to get me something that shows that he pays attention to me. I love flowers and those are beautiful sitting on my counter, but he also took the time to really know me and get me something I would love too.

I've already got one of his Father's Day presents and it's killing me to not give it to him. I'm so excited. I also am in process of getting the next one. I have to do a bit more research before I purchase it though. Isn't buying thoughtful gifts for people so fun?


Brooke said...

I have been eying this workout. . . I have Jillians 60 day shred. I feel the burn with that one!

And I agree I love buying gifts for people. . . more than getting them!

Brooke said...

and I realized after I hit publish I typed 60

IT'S 30 day shred. . . oops.

citymama1 said...

I tried a couple Biggest Loser workouts for free on cable and really liked them. I'm glad to hear that the full length DVD's are worth it. I'll have to look into getting one.

There is nothing as irritating as an at home DVD "workout" that barely makes you sweat. (i.e. Paula Abdul's Cardio Dance-- lame-O!)

And kuddos to your husband for knowing you well enough to get you chocolates and a cardio DVD. Awesome!

rachel said...

Congratulations on the cool stuff! The dish towels do rest on the
"50s reference to sexual politics" side in my book:)However since there are no blender moments in your household no worries! I love that you can take each gift as a compliment and you know him well enough to know that it is from the heart!! You are going to have give me some gift giving hint throwing tips you have got it down!

Melinda said...

hey lady-- I do love your blog-- I am no good at writing, but I am working on it so I like to read yours. Cute Mother's day.

steve said...

What's the deal with husbands having to give mother's day gifts to their wife??? LOL!!! Yeah, I know I'm still single. . .

BTW I'm a little ashamed to admit that Scott and Anne got me hooked on watching the Biggest Loser this season.

Jessica Martiele said...

Sounds like the perfect hook-up all around. Nothing better than knowing your husband knows you better than anyone else. Happy Mother's Day, lady!

Kelli said...

Derek knows you too well! Isn't it great? Sounds like you got the major hook up for Mother's Day, yay!

I love giving gifts to people when I have given it a lot of thought. It's always rewarding to see that person's face when they see what I've gotten them. I don't have very much self control when it comes to giving though, I've already given Jarom his Father's Day present, oh well!

Lauren and Trevor said...

Very thoughtful. Sounds like a workout tape worth buying.

Brittany and Scott said...

i have the very same biggest loser workout and you definitely work the whole time

Heather said...

Good for you for working out every weekday! You are amazing. I do love thoughtful gifts! Good job Derek!

dadleavitt said...

Love your blog! Your family is darling, loved the singing videos.

Jeff and Rachell Massey said...

Hey Audrey!
I am trying to get some addresses together for the up coming baby shower in the valley of the sun. Would love to have your there. Could you email me yours at Thanks!!

bloggingchristy said...

Yeah, I need to get that workout video!! I like having videos at home when I need a GOOD workout and don't want to leave my house, thanks for the recommendation!

Derek is very thoughtful!