Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Paying Homage

So, last week, I jumped in my car to deliver freshly made chocolate chip cookies to my visiting teachees. I had decided I was going to visit one of the sisters before the other just for the quickest route of getting home. Well, call it pregnancy brain or whatever, I turned my car in the opposite direction to the other gal's house first. After mentally chiding myself for my mental lapse, I decided it didn't matter all that much and went to the first woman's apartment anyway. Well, I had just turned onto the main road when I looked down to see my battery light lit up. Then, I looked over to see my RPM gauge going berserk between 0-1. Oh great.

Last time this happened, the car battery went dead--in Page, Arizona. Then, it happened again on the shoulder of I-15 near Centerville, Utah on December 23. After that second time, my grandpa drove over from Colorado and fixed it. There was some faulty line that went to the battery. Well, I knew that I would probably be able to make it to the home of the woman I visit teach--and I did. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, I shut the car off and immediately tried to start it again only to hear that terrible sound--click, click, click, click. Aaaahhhh!!!!
Well, the lady was just running home to leave again for an exercise class, but her husband was home and jumped my car. What a sweet guy right? I have to mention that no one was home at the other house, so it's a good thing I went to that first woman's house in that order or I would've been really stranded! I wanted to say thanks to Scott, who saved me, and I also wanted to say thanks to the creator of the jumper cables. Honestly, think about how many times something goes wrong with your car and you HAVE to take it to the mechanic. Jumper cables have saved millions of people lots and lots of money and frustration over time.
I also want to thank the inventor of the ceiling fan. It's starting to boil down here and those ceiling fans keep a homeowner from having to run the AC 24/7. I love my ceiling fans. Thanks again!

And, I also wanted to also publicly thank the inventor of indoor plumbing. Almost every single time I get into a shower I think how incredibly wonderful it feels and how spoiled I am to be able to just turn a knob and get instant comfort from my shower/bath/sink.

So, what/who are you really appreciating right now?


Jack and Annie said...

Quite the homage post! I have a feeling that our battery will be dying soon, I should get that fixed! I think in the back of your mind you knew that this was going to happen or something...don't blame preggo brain! LOL

Michael said...

I am appreciating a chicken chimichanga right now!

Brooke said...

Our battery died last sunday at church. Luckily there are always good people to help out there :)

What a nerd. . . Mike! Funny guy!

I appreciate same things you do, same reasons! I could go on with a LONG list, but the most current, what I am about to use is our tv. Love hate relationship with it. But I am about to put Ainsley down for a nap. While she is asleep, the tv "babysits" Isaac so I can get house cleaning done. Call me crazy, but I love it!

Brittany and Scott said...

thanks again for the cookies. scott and i both loved them-i accidently ate one of his (it wasn't really an accident). and i am glad he was home to help you out.

JM said...

CO Bigelow's Metha Body Wash. In fact, I bet you'd appreciate it even more than we do. It's from Bath and Body Works, and when you use it in the shower, in makes you feel like you're showering in ice for a few minutes...and you still feel all nice and cool a good 5 or 10 minutes after your shower! Perfect for Arizonans!!! (Or for me after the gym...either way.) Oh, and I'm thankful for night diapers. Finally, no more middle-of-the-night changes to keep Goo from waking up soaked.

Good stuff, good stuff!

Steph Bowen said...

I am grateful for a maternity suit that was pretty cute and allowed me to hang out at the pool today. I am also thankful for the inventor of the pool chaise lounge and its stretchy seat. The seat and the adjustable back make the chair one of the only ones I've been able to sit in and actually feel comfortable while pregnant.

The Schneider Family said...

Antibotics!!!! My chillins are sick right now and without them I would be losing my cool right about now! Just needed some sleep and these have really made a BIG difference! What a great post!

kjirsti said...

It's always great to visit another country because in many ways it helps you appreciate yours more. Returning from Mexico tonight and reading your blog I had to laugh, my list of practical things that I am grateful for has grown immensely! Mainly- plumbing that allows one to flush the toilet paper down the toilet. Clean water, so one can brush one's teeth from the sink water, and laws against littering! Love ya,