Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tagged--My Husband Derek

Melissa tagged me on this one and I thought it was excellent timing with Valentine's just around the corner. Before I fill you in on the fascinating relationship that is Derek & Audrey Petersen, I wanted to let all of you know that Costco's deal for Valentine's is THREE dozen roses (delivered!) for only $59.99. I've never heard of such a great deal. Anyway, moving onto us...

1. What's his name? Phil Derek Petersen (No, that's not short for Phillip which is what I'm always asked. Yes, he goes by his middle name because he is named after his dad. And, no, we did not carry on the name of Phil with our first born for which I will always be slightly in trouble for. However, we did name our son after my husband's great-grandpa so that counts for something I think.)

2. How long have you been married? To Derek? Probably, that's what you mean. 6 1/2 years.

3. How long did you date? Puh-leez! Don't get me started on this subject. I say we basically didn't date really at all because Derek is a big proponent of "hanging-out" so he didn't ask me on many formal dates at all. We did see each other almost every single day for about four months before we got engaged.

4. How old is he? Enjoying the last year of his 20s.

5. Who eats more? It depends on what is served. If it's dessert in any form--me for sure. If it's the main course of meat and sides--Derek. (I always remember to save room for dessert.)

6. Who said "I love you" first? Derek did. After he discussed with me how would a person know if he was in love?

7. Who is taller? I am by like 1/2 an inch. I do contend that he tricked me though by wearing hiking boots most of the time we dated (it was winter in Utah.).

8. Who sings better? Definitely Derek. His family is very talented musically while my family is talented in appreciating people who are talented musically.

9. Who is smarter? Well, Derek always says I am. However, I think it depends on what it is we're talking about. I'm very good at grammar and spelling and better at math than he is, but he has a better memory for certain details in stories and definitely knows politics and world news better than me. He also is more dedicated to studying than I could ever be.

10. Whose temper is worse? Definitely mine. Derek doesn't get that upset about most things.

11. Who does the laundry? I wash it all, but he often helps me fold it.

12. Who does the dishes? I do them most of the time, but Derek will help if I ask him to.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? This is a weird question. What is this supposed to reveal? I do right now, but it has switched from time to time.

14. Who pays the bills? Well, Derek is the one making the money, but I'm the one that pays the bills.

15. Who mows the lawn? I did mow it one time, but it's really Derek's job.

16. Who cooks dinner? Me most of the time. Derek doesn't get home in time to do that. However, on the weekends, sometimes I'll let him cook me something. He doesn't like to cook with recipes.

17. Who drives when you are together? Mostly me, but I try to let him drive because it shows that I trust him. (There's a story here, but I'll spare you the details.)

18. Who is more stubborn? Mostly me. This is genetic by the way, I have no way of avoiding this trait. Ask every male that has married into our family.

19. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? What is this? Some sort of a put my faults on display for the whole blogging community? Derek is a thousand times better at this than me. Maybe that just means he's wrong more than me?

20. Whose parents do you visit most? I would say that my grandparents are probably who we see most because they live closer than any other parents.

21. Who proposed? Derek.

22. Who has more friends? Boy, this is a little devisive I'd say. I would say that I do a better job of keeping in touch with my friends. Who keeps tallies of these things? Even if I do have more friends, would I want to flaunt it?

23. Who has more siblings? He does--he's number two of eight.

24. Who wears the pants in the family? Well, I guess I would say that I typically am the bossier of the two of us, but to his credit, I don't think it's because Derek is a pushover, more because he recognizes a genius when he sees one. (Seriously, I think it's because Derek doesn't really feel strongly about most things that have to be decided on, but we try very hard to work together on big decisions.)

Okay, who to tag? I tag Misty M., Adrienne, Marielle, Lolly, Kelli & Stephanie


DONNA said...

Audrey, you make me laugh!!!! I always knew that Derek would make a super duper lawyer just because so many of the items that you list off are items that Derek lets you be the Queen of...excellent strategy in the courtroom. What I know for sure is that Derek is a great guy. And what is so awesome for both of you is that you are stronger, better people because of your relationship. You each push each other to be exceptional. And, now you have great children that also bless all that know them. Yes, the All-American family! I guess the only fault you have is that McCain is from Arizona.

Kim Skinner said...

Love reading your posts and seeing your witty sense of humor in all things!

Lacey said...

love the both are so great!

Heather said...

I enjoyed reading about you two love-birds. Have a Happy Valentine's Week!

Brittany and Scott said...

you are so cute together and aren't you glad you aren't just hanging out anymore.

Jack and Annie said...

Still talking about those 3 dozen roses huh? LOL. I say since you plan V-day treat yourself!:grin: BTW I found out today that my MOM reads your keep it witty...seriously though she loves how you write! :)

Zim Family said...

you two are so cute and you keep me laughing so hard!! I really benefit from my daily dose of you!

Kylie said...

This made me think of when you guys were just "hanging out." I remember talking about him while we were working (and smelling of wax and cinnamon and yuck), and how silly everything was. We would dissect everything, and never came up with good explanations. I also remember our trip to Montrose for Easter. Talk about being a 3rd wheel, but not, because you weren't "dating." Who would have thought you would end up married with kids?!?

brooke said...

I always reading your "love" posts. They are so funny, but so real. . . if that makes sense!

Bethany said...

What a good-looking couple!

Shani said...

I really wish your family wouldn't have had to move away from Moses Lake!! I love your sense of humor!

bloggingchristy said...

This blog reminded me of DC when I heard more of your dating stories although I never heard the hiking boots thing before. You guys are a great couple and I agree with everyone that you're blogs are funny and real.

Mariley Johnson said...

Of course I read your blog! You must not have noticed an increase in my blogging participation.